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Exploring Humans Book Summary (by Hans Dooremalen et al.) - Philosophy of Science / Wetenschapsfilosofie

Dear psychology student, I am looking for you. Exams are on their way. They are coming closer and closer and eventhough you sometimes wish you could escape them, you cannot. But I can prepare you for it. I will provide you with the knowledge that you need in order to pass. This is a summary of the book 'Exploring Humans: Philosophy of science for the social sciences a historical introduction' by Hans Dooremalen, Herman de Regt, and Maurice Schouten. The book is used for the course 'Philosophy of Science' / 'Wetenschapsfilosofie' at Tilburg University, and perhaps at many more universities around the world. You can use this summary to study for your exam. It will be a huge help for you to gather all the knowledge you need in a very quick and time efficient manner. If you are not studying for an exam, or if you are not a psychology student, but you are still considering to purchase it, please do not feel excluded. This summary is for anyone who is interested. Feel free to check it out. - Lauran Claassen

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