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Writing new and original texts can be a difficult task. Yet you cannot simply copy someone else's work, as this is considered plagiarism. But what is plagiarism and when is something considered plagiarism? Don't worry! We will gladly explain what plagiarism is and how you can prevent it in your

Writing an essay: It's a piece of cake for some students, the biggest nightmare for others. Yet writing an essay is a skill that schools expect you to master as a student and is a common test method. But what exactly is an essay? And how do you choose a

Whether you are writing an essay, a research project, or a thesis: you always end it by writing a conclusion. For many students, writing a conclusion is challenging. How do you summarize all your research results in only a few paragraphs? What should you include in a rock-solid conclusion? Don't

When you write an essay, conduct research, or work on a portfolio assignment, you always make use of various academic or internet sources. Since you cannot simply copy information someone else has written, it is mandatory to add references to the original sources. Not doing this makes you guilty of

Almost all students experience it at some point in time: procrastination. You've been putting off learning vocabulary for your test or exam for weeks. So now you have to cram everything into your head at the last minute. But don't worry! We have several tools to help you learn vocabulary

As a student, you constantly come across them during your studies: SMART learning objectives. Of course, this is not without reason. Setting SMART learning objectives is an excellent way to really start working on your objectives. Whether you want to pass an exam or want to feel more comfortable in