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We are the platform for turning your know-how into money

Since 2010 Stuvia has been the online platform of choice for the most current summaries on a wide variety of books and topics. Additionally, Stuvia had made it really easy to sell your own study material. Globally, over one million people are using Stuvia on a monthly basis. Read more about how Stuvia can help you with your studies or how you can earn money from your summaries.

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Our culture

Freedom at work is our core value and we've made that happen in our own way

Bekijk onze vacatures
Bekijk onze vacatures


At Stuvia we value freedom. During your studies, during personal time and at work. At Stuvia, you can plan your own schedule the way you want, whatever suits you best. For example, you can choose where to work from (the office, from home or entirely remote) or when to visit the gym during work hours. We also coach you along the way in making smart choices and planning your day, in order for you to learn what works best for you.

Bekijk onze vacatures
Bekijk onze vacatures
Bekijk onze vacatures


We think it's important to show responsibility in your work. For us, that means that we don't micro-manage you. You own your agenda, you manage your time based on the goals and planning for each quarter. We trust you and your expertise and give you the space you need to develop these skills and grow both professionally and personally.

Bekijk onze vacatures
Bekijk onze vacatures

Working out of the ordinary

We have been encouraging remote working for years. Our main office is located in Amsterdam, but we have several colleagues working from Curaçao, Turkey and Spain. Also, multiple colleagues have worked from a foreign country in the past as well for a shorter period of time. For us it's not about where you work, as long as you create a place where you feel comfortable and can achieve your goals.

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