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Writing new and original texts can be a difficult task. Yet you cannot simply copy someone else's work, as this is considered plagiarism. But what is plagiarism and when is something considered plagiarism? Don't worry! We will gladly explain what plagiarism is and how you can prevent it in your

Writing an essay: It's a piece of cake for some students, the biggest nightmare for others. Yet writing an essay is a skill that schools expect you to master as a student and is a common test method, like in the IELTS, where a part of your exam is to

Whether you are writing an essay, a research project, or a thesis: you always end it by writing a conclusion. For many students, writing a conclusion is challenging. How do you summarize all your research results in only a few paragraphs? What should you include in a rock-solid conclusion? Don't

When you write an essay, conduct research, or work on a portfolio assignment, you always make use of various academic or internet sources. Since you cannot simply copy information someone else has written, it is mandatory to add references to the original sources. Not doing this makes you guilty of

Almost all students experience it at some point in time: procrastination. You've been putting off learning vocabulary for your test or exam for weeks. So now you have to cram everything into your head at the last minute. But don't worry! We have several tools to help you learn vocabulary

As a student, you constantly come across them during your studies: SMART learning objectives. Of course, this is not without reason. Setting SMART learning objectives is an excellent way to really start working on your objectives. Whether you want to pass an exam or want to feel more comfortable in

A common method of learning your study materials is to make summaries of them. There are two types of summaries: a regular summary and a schematic summary. In this article, we’ll focus on the schematic summary. We’ll give you a definition, and explain when you should consider making

The moment has arrived: the end of your thesis is in sight. All you have to do is write the thesis summary. The summary for your thesis is also called a management summary and can be seen as a mini version of your thesis. It is therefore important that in

Do you struggle to learn an entire book for an exam in one go? Does this demotivate you? Then maybe the Salami Technique is for you! This technique is ideal to plan all your assignments and tasks. But what exactly is the Salami Technique? In this article, we will give

Setting priorities can sometimes be a daunting task. But did you know that you are often already subconsciously doing this in your head? For example, you are a lot less likely to forget your smartphone than your pencil case. This has to do with the value you place on your

Are you scrolling through your TikTok or Instagram feed again when you were about to start your tasks? Or do you feel like you're losing track when you see all your upcoming deadlines? Then the Pomodoro Technique might be for you! The Pomodoro method is a way to work with

Constantly developing yourself during your studies, your career, or in your free time: personal development is present in all aspects of your life. Setting personal learning objectives can help you in your development. But what exactly are personal learning objectives? How do you formulate these objectives and how do they

A mind map is widely used by people during study and work. It is an excellent way to structure ideas and visualize them in a diagram. But what exactly is a mind map? And how to make a mind map? In this article, we will give you a step-by-step plan

Everyone learns differently: where some devour a textbook out of personal interest, others do it purely for the sake of getting their degree. Jan Vermunt, a professor at the University of Utrecht, uses his theory to distinguish various learning styles. But what exactly are Vermunt's four learning styles? Stuvia helps

Everyone learns in the way that works best for them: where some prefer to devour thick books on their own, others learn by asking lots of questions. A popular model for analyzing learning styles is Kolb's learning style theory. American psychologist David Kolb distinguishes four learning styles that together form

Personal development is starting to become an increasingly important part of the professional setting these days. The world is changing faster and faster, which means that as a professional in the modern job market, you need to develop new skills at an increasingly rapid pace. To make this development measurable,

When you need to study - or work - would you rather scroll through your Instagram feed than actually start? Are you constantly distracted by people or sounds from your surroundings when you have just spent 5 minutes working or learning? Don't worry, because luckily you are not the only

A book report is a summary of a book you have read. You often write a book report because it is a compulsory school assignment. In your exam year, you often have to explain your book reports orally in an examination. The book reports you write during your time at

Writing a good summary can be a daunting task, yet it is one of the most popular ways to learn. A summary is therefore an important tool to formulate the main points of a text in your own words and leave out side-issues. The purpose of a summary is simple:

They are discussed at every job interview and in every internship vacancy these days: skills. Also, everyone seems to know exactly what skills you have and what they could potentially contribute. But what exactly are these skills? No worries, in this article we will tell you more about the definition

You will notice competencies everywhere these days: in your course description, in the definition of a learning objective, or the vacancy for an internship. But what exactly are competencies? And what is the difference between competencies and skills? No worries! We have listed the definition, the most important competencies, and

These days, everyone seems to be full of ambition or have their lives all mapped out. You probably know someone who is already working on master's degree number two or have a friend who is only interested in his or her career. Yet there is nothing wrong with being ambitious:

What are you good at and in what areas could you improve yourself? The answers to these questions are essential if you want to work on your personal development. By placing your strengths and weaknesses in a personal SWOT analysis, you immediately know where opportunities lie in your self-development. But

By spending time on your personal development, you are working towards being the best version of yourself. This can be a time-consuming process where you don't always know where to start. After all, what exactly is personal development? We have listed the definition, a short step-by-step plan, and several personal

Are you someone who gives up on things quickly and thinks change is too hard? Then you have a fixed mindset. But are you tired of this way of thinking and want to challenge yourself to learn new skills? You can! Because you can teach yourself a growth mindset. But

Your development starts with asking for feedback. You can ask for feedback on a personal or business level. By asking your classmates or manager, you will learn more about what you are good at. They will also tell you in what areas you could improve. Receiving feedback often works well

The time has come: it's time to make your personal development plan. In this plan, you will work on becoming the best version of yourself, whether this is by taking a course or improving your skills. But what exactly is a PDP and how do you create a personal development

After you've passed the CPA exam, there is still some work to do before you can call yourself a CPA. We'll talk about CPA requirements and what happens next.

The GRE exam is coming, you know that. So, we decided to make your studying easier with a 7-step GRE study plan! In this plan we look at your baseline, target scores, a time line and other tips and tricks. Let's get started!

In this helpful article we will tell you about the CPA pass rate, when to take the CPA exam to get best results and how to prepare yourself for the CPA test. Let's get started!

The CPA exam. For some a friend, for others an enemy. But what is the CPA exams? What kind of question does it include? And what is the pass rate? You'll find the answer to all your questions in this blog. Let's dive in!

If you’re attending to apply to college, you probably heard of the SAT and the ACT. Which test should you take? In this blog we’ll explain the differences between the two exams.

Many colleges require scores from the SAT test as a part of the admissions process. But what is the SAT exactly, what will they test, what is the average SAT score and what can I expect? We are here for you with answers. Sit back and learn everything you need to know about the SAT.

Mental breakdown and nightmares about your upcoming TOEFL exam are history! In this blog we will tell provide you four steps that tell you how you can prepare yourself for the TOEFL exam.

If English is not your native language and you want to enroll in English-speaking universities, then you probably heard of the TOEFL test. The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a test to measure the English language ability of non-English speakers. We will tell you all about it in this blog.

If you are applying to grad school, then you probably heard of the GRE test. But what is the GRE? Why would you take the GRE and what do you need to do to take this test? Read on as we will tell you everything about it.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the GRE is, “What is a good GRE score?”. As with any test, you probably want to know what a good score is. Well, it depends. In this blog we’ll tell you all about GRE scores and how good (or bad) they are.

Are you required to take a GMAT exam for your MBA studies? If so, it might be helpful to familiarize yourself with the GMAT score chart, as this will allow you to develop an efficient study plan. Luckily, Stuvia has developed a short guide to help you learn how to use it.

If you want to get into an MBA program, chances are you are doubting between taking a GMAT or GRE exam for your application. Though both tests are often accepted when applying for an MBA program, there are important differences between the two. But which one would be better for an MBA?

Taking a GMAT exam may sound simple, but there are quite a few things you need to know before you take the exam. After all, preparation is key, especially when it comes to such an important test.

If you are planning to apply for an Ivy League business school, you will need to obtain a certain GMAT and SAT score. Ivy League schools are not for nothing some of the most prestigious places to study in the country: it’s difficult to get in and also very expensive.

In order to write a good summary, you need to understand the text and you should have the skill to transfer the message of the author to your readers. In this article we will tell you how to write a good summary.

Sometimes, your brain is more active than at other times. For example, some people work better in the morning, whereas other people have a better focus in the evening. Taking advantage of these moments means that you can optimize your study time.

Are you a well-prepared student who spends a lot of time writing notes and summaries of the study material? Then your summaries may be worth money! In this article, we will explain how you can get paid to write notes and summaries.

While one person takes notes on a laptop, the other prefers making notes with a pen on paper. All in all, there are different opinions on how to make the best notes during class, which is why this article explains the pros and cons of different methods.

At one point in life, we all have to give presentations, whether we like it or not. In this article we provide you with some tips so you feel confident presenting from now on!

Most people instantly feel nauseous when they are being told to give a presentation. But why? We are convinced it is not necessary to get scared if you prepare your presentation like a boss. In this article, we will tell you what to do!

Committing plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s words or ideas without crediting the original author(s). It has serious consequences such as failing a course or being expelled. Therefore, it is important to fully understand plagiarism and learn how to avoid it.

On average, humans sleep 6 until 9 hours a day. This means that we spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed. But how long do we really need to sleep to wake up fit and ready to study? This article answers all your questions about sleep and studying.

Going to lectures is a great first step when getting a degree. However, if the exam comes up, it is still necessary to study the contents of the course in order to get a good grade. This article explains some of the strategies you can use to prepare for your test or exam.

Every student knows how to study: read your textbooks, follow the classes and lectures, prepare, etc. But how do you study effectively? After reading this article, you will know how to study effectively and how to prepare well for your exams.

Highlighting important parts of your textbook can be a great way to study or to make a summary. Still, there is always the risk that you end up with a textbook which is entirely highlighted. You can prevent this by using the right strategy when using markers.

Besides theories, lists, and terms you sometimes also need to learn complicated formulas and memorize them by heart. This article will explain some study techniques for memorizing formulas and applying them when you are taking the exam.

When you are a student you will probably know the struggle of needing to read thousands of pages. It will save you a lot of time if you can read a bit faster. We have listed a few techniques to learn how to read faster, without missing any important information while studying.

A bunch of students are so busy with attending classes that they often think: why am I doing this exactly? You need to know that you are not the only one having these thoughts. This article states why it is so important to get yourself together and find the motivation to continue going to college.

Reading a textbook of a few hundred pages is possible, but you need to understand what you have read and remember the information. That can be quite challenging. In this article we provide you some tips to make sure you memorize that enormous law-book by heart from now on.

To be successful at studying, you must be able to plan your time wisefully. By making a planning you make sure you divide every task in smaller tasks, which you will do in a specific order and in a set amount of time.