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The time has come: you are going to do an internship. Before you start looking for an internship, it is important to set learning objectives for your internship. After all, you want to make the most of this time and do your internship at a company where you can learn

One of the requirements for applying for an internship or job is to send a cover letter or motivation letter. At first, this can seem like an enormous task: what are you supposed to write? In this article we explain how to write a convincing cover letter.

Congratulations, you have got the internship you wanted! Now, it is time to prepare for the actual internship: what are best practices on the work floor when you are working for a company? Of course these differ per company. Still, there are some best practices that apply to all interns worldwide.

After you have found suitable internships or job applications and have sent your resume and cover letter, it is time to wait. The real process begins when you are invited to the office for a job interview. After reading this article you will be prepared for your job interview.

Applying for a job or an internship requires much effort. If you decide to apply, only sending an email expressing the wish for an interview is not enough. Companies that are looking to hire, often require at least a resume and a motivation letter.

Whether you are applying for an internship during your studies or applying for a job, the process is usually the same. In this article, some tips and tricks are shared in order to make the process somewhat easier.

In any case, looking for an internship can be difficult: there are many possibilities and it’s hard to know where to start searching. For some studies it is mandatory to complete an internship an others want the extra experience. There are some ways to narrow down your search.

An internship is a temporary position within a company, typically for students or recent graduates. They usually last for 3-6 months and can be either part-time or full-time. In this article we will explain why you should take an internship.