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You’ve probably been in this situation: you’re in an exam and suddenly you read a certain concept you’ve seen before, but cannot remember the meaning of at this very crucial moment. To avoid frustrating situations like this, it is important to learn and understand concepts. But what

Summary notes serve two primary purposes in preparing for your exam. In this article you can read what those two purposes are and how can use them to prepare for your exam.

A blackout during an exam is a student’s worst nightmare. Especially when you already had the feeling that you weren’t going to make it in the first place. In this article you can read how to prevent a blackout.

Multiple-choice tests can be harder than you think. Sometimes a multiple-choice exam is nice because you don't have to come up with the answer yourself. In this article you will find the tricks to make multiple choice questions as good as possible.

Many exams often contain one or more essay questions. Answering them can be difficult. There are a few tactics that you can use to lower your stress level and make you more confident about answering an essay question.

Exams often contain difficult questions to test your knowledge of the subject. There are a few steps you can take to make sure you have answered the question thoroughly. This way you can develop a good exam strategy for those straight A's.

Exams equal stress and in stressful times it possible to forget something. So be wise and use this checklist before your exam, so you won't forget anything and are fully prepared to take your exam.

At some schools and universities, it’s allowed to eat during tests and exams. Especially if the exam takes three hours or more, it may be convenient to bring some snacks with you. In this article we listed all the do’s and don’ts about food and exams.