GMAT vs GRE, which is better for MBA?

If you want to get into an MBA program, chances are you are doubting between taking a GMAT or GRE exam for your application. Though both tests are often accepted when applying for an MBA program, there are important differences between the two. But which one would be better for an MBA? That completely depends. In this blog we will explain why.

GMAT or GRE, this is the best one

Newsflash, one test is not necessarily better than the other. But the school you’re applying for might have a preference. If you’re not sure if they do, it’s a good idea to get in contact with the admissions board to find out more. In this way you will be able to choose the right test and prepare for one specific exam in the best way possible.

It’s also plausible that the college you want to go to clearly states that they have no preference and value both tests equally. If so, you will have to decide for yourself which test is better suited for you.

Why you should go for the GMAT exam

The GMAT is specifically designed to test skills you’ll need as a business school student. For this reason it’s no surprise that the GMAT is more focused on maths than the GRE exam. So if you identify yourself as a real numbers person, this exam is the best option for you. The GMAT is also an outcome for people who’s first language is not English, as the GRE places more focus on vocabulary.  

Why the GRE exam might be better for you

Whereas the GMAT test is developed for business school applications, the GRE exam is designed for a wide range of subjects and graduate programs. As mentioned before, GRE places more emphasis on vocabulary. So if numbers are not your biggest strength, it might be better to take the GRE test. However, if you’re not a native English speaker and have difficulty with the language, the GRE might be more of a challenge for you.

Overall, GRE isn’t as focussed on maths as the GMAT and it’s also possible to use a calculator for any math related questions. If this sounds like music in your ears, it’s time to sign up for that GRE exam!

The reason behind the two options

Why do business schools often accept either a GRE or GMAT score report? This has everything to do with diversity. The GMAT has a strong focus on a traditional business school prospect, which can exclude people from different backgrounds.

People that come from finance, accounting or economics can be a great addition to an MBA program too. The GRE exam opens the door to these backgrounds, which ultimately enriches the program through its different perspectives. Admission trends have also shown that business schools are more and more looking for people with a diverse background. So it might even make your case stronger if you apply as someone from a different field!

All in all, it completely depends on your situation which test is best for you. But we hope that our blog has helped you better understand the up and down sides of both exams. If you want to read more on the GMAT in particular, head over to our blog ‘Everything you need to know about the GMAT’.

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