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How to learn formulas?

Published on October 22, 2018·Latest update at March 25, 2019

Besides theories, lists and terms you sometimes also need to learn complicated formulas and memorize them by hard. You might wonder how you can memorize these formulas the best and also be able to apply them on your exam.

First read all the chapters that are important for the exam

Formulas are connected to a certain theory behind it, about when the do and when they don’t apply. This will only become clear when you understand the context of the formula. You need to read the text belonging to the formula carefully, in order to really understand the context. This way you can apply the formula correctly.

Divide the summary into text and formulas

When you have read all the chapters, it’s wise to first make a summary if you haven’t already done this. In the summary, you describe all the most important concepts you need to know for the exam. After that, you will work out a different document for the formulas.

Make a formula overview

To make a good overview of all the formulas you need to study, it’s best to go through each chapter again and collect all the formulas. You can list these and type them out carefully in a neat overview. Do this in a way so you can understand. You can always clarify a formula with some text or concepts.

Formulas are always connected to a concept or an idea. You need to make sure that you understand these and can explain them. Often, more than one formula is connected to the same concept. Try to include in your overview when to use which formula and for what. This way, you won’t mix the formulas up when you want to use them to answer a question. First practice by making old exams with your overview next to it. After a while, try to answer the questions without using the overview. This will help you to slowly memorize the formulas.

Keep repeating the formulas

When you have learned the formulas, you don’t want to forget them before you need to do the exam. That’s why it is important to keep repeating the formulas and keep practising until you can write and use the formula without making any mistakes.

Earn cash by selling your written material to your fellow students.