Why should we sell our e-books via the Stuvia platform?

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

Using the Stuvia platform, you’ll reach millions of potential buyers worldwide for your digital content. Look at Stuvia as a separate marketing and distribution channel, like Amazon is for retailers.

Your online store

Your online store

You are in charge of your own personalized study store. Setting prices, creating bundles: It’s all in your hands. Keep track of your earnings and create awareness within your target audience.

Improve your product

Improve your product

Stuvia sheds light on your customer needs. Use this insight to optimize quality content for your target audience by receiving reviews and direct feedback on every product you sell.

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How much does a seller earn at Stuvia?


Average earnings per month

A seller at Stuvia can earn from a few tenners to a couple of hundred dollars a month


Average earnings per sold document

Every study document can be sold indefinitely


Average sold documents per month

Your documents are being sold from early in the morning until late at night. During the week and at the weekends.


Average number of days until the first sale is made

After your study document has been uploaded, the Stuvia marketing machine will start working for you immediately

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Sell and share your summaries and knowledge to others

Stuvia offers an easy and quick way to create an extension of your own (online) business or sales channel. You can offer your content and products to thousands of students worldwide to create an extra (passive) revenue stream.

Experiences from the Stuvia Community

Spitsanne - Business Administration

I am a first year student in business administration. I was often looking for a brief explanation of certain concepts from my previous study and through Google I ended up at Stuvia. I found out that many fellow students, also from other study programs and schools, were looking for summaries for their exams. I already made summaries and shared them with classmates in the past and I always got good responses. So I thought that other students might also be interested in my summaries. This way I help other students and earn a nice contribution myself. Mainly I save this money to buy something big. However, of course, I did purchase a number of items of clothing after the first payouts I received.

mikaeldavid2020 - Medicine

When I went to study medicine I had some difficulty with preparing for my admission test. After passing the test, I decided to use my knowledge and creativity to create practice questions for future students who also want to study medicine. The first year turned out to be an unexpected success, which led me to double the number of practice questions the next year to really help students as best as I can in their preparation. Whenever someone asks a question about the preparation, I help them (free of charge). It takes a lot of time, but it generates even more energy and that's why I do it. In only two year, I turned over 14.000 dollar on Stuvia.

IrisAshmira - Law

I started studying Law back in 2014 and continued to do a Master's degree in Law as well. Last year I got my master's degree and eventhough I finished law school, I still sell my summaries and notes on Stuvia. I have always put a lot of time in them and they're still relevant nowadays for other Law students. I used the earnings to buy for half a plaine ticket once. Also, when I used to be short in cash as a student, I used the money to go shopping, pay my rent or order take-away.

MTeaching - Law

I am a Law Student at King’s College London (KCL) with an aspiration to be a transnational commercial lawyer at a top global firm. I ended up finding Stuvia when I found that so many students were looking for concise and perfect notes and essays in the main A-Level subjects and I had these just collecting metaphorical dust on my computer. So as soon as I found how easy it was to sell on Stuvia, with copying the ISBN and adding it to a book, the units being already there, the creation of bundles and so much more it was really a no brainer! I personally found that when you have the perfect notes to study from I can boost my own grades. So I always make my notes with that in mind, using concise and beneficial analysis, contemporary examples and diagrams where it will be best to use.

How does it work?

Do you offer summaries of (text)books, exam notes or other types of study material? You can now earn money from them. Well-written documents receive great reviews. Resulting in more sales and higher earnings.

Create your online study store

Create a free sellers account, set the price of your documents and upload them on Stuvia. That's it! Help others with your knowledge while earning money.

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Keep full ownership

1. Keep full ownership

You retain 100% ownership of your study notes at all times. Buyers will only be allowed to use your notes for personal use. Sharing your work is illegal and punishable by law.

We help you set up shop

2. We help you set up shop

While uploading, you name your study notes and state a short description of the content you’re offering, so people can easily (e.g. via Google) find your content.

Price management

3. Price management

For every upload you can determine the sale price. Create a bundle of your best e-books and documents with a discount or play with your prices along the way.

We do the marketing for you

4. We do the marketing for you

After you have completed your uploads, Stuvia automatically generates optimized pages for your study notes and send out notifications to the people within your field of study.

Quality leads to retention

5. Quality leads to retention

Star ratings will boost your online reputation as a publisher, which leads to more sales. People start to follow your activity, so future uploads are instantly noticed by your fan base.

Additional revenue model

6. Additional revenue model

Sellers can distinguish themselves through the quality of their offered content and the clarity and readability of their advertisements. Stuvia offers an additional revenue model, supplementing your current revenue streams. Optimise for and reach your worldwide audience in an effortless manner.

Create your online study store

Create a free sellers account, set the price of your documents and upload them on Stuvia. That's it! Help others with your knowledge while earning money.

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What can you sell on Stuvia?

All of your written study documents can be sold on Stuvia, including:

College notes
Textbook summaries
Course notes
Class notes
You can't sell the following on Stuvia
Old exams
Powerpoint class slides
Scanned (text)books
Published scientific articles
Get inspired by the story of Madison

“Our goal is to create content to improve the skills and knowledge of other students. Exams are hard enough, we’re here to help.”

Our content of summaries, notes and flashcards helps to smooth the study process for students that encounter great amounts of stress. Thanks to Stuvia, we’re able to offer our content to a larger group of students.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I earn by selling my content on Stuvia?

You set your own price per document with a minimum amount of €2.50. The more documents you sell, the more you earn. Some documents are sold more than a hundred times. Find tips on how to sell the most here.

What does it cost to sell on Stuvia?

Nothing! You create a free account and post your work to Stuvia without further costs. cost. We take a small commission each time you sell a summary. The commission will be automatically deducted, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs after your payout.

When will I receive my earned money from Stuvia?

We transfer your earned money into your Stuvia account right after you’ve sold a document. Once you’ve earned over €10 , you can cash out. We transfer this money every Monday so you can decide when you want to be paid. You can also use this credit to buy study material for yourself!

How does Stuvia deal with copyright?

There are a number of things to consider when writing a good summary without violating copyright. For example, you are not allowed to copy texts literally but you are allowed to quote them. You must make correct citations when doing this.

Would you like to be sure that you meet the copyright requirements? Stuvia has a helpful checklist for just that, which can be found here.

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