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1. Upload your document

Simply select your documents from the Cloud or from your device. Describe your document and link it to a course so students can easily find it.

2. Set your own price

You decide what’s the right price for your document. We immediately show you how much you will earn from each and every sale.

3. We promote your document

We recommend your study notes to your peers via email, notifications and optimize it for students searching on Google.

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Your digital study resources can be sold infinitely! Every time you sell a document, the amount is instantly put into your Stuvia wallet.

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No more bad Mondays! If you’ve made more than $10, you can request a payout. Your earnings will be transferred to your bank or PayPal account the next Monday.

How much will you earn?


Average earnings per month

Average seller

Earnings on Stuvia range from students making a few bucks to cover their favorite meal order, to paying for an entire vacation with the money they've earned. Last month, sellers on Stuvia earned over $400,000!

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No sales, no costs

You don't pay anything if you don't make sales; you only contribute a percentage from your sales.


Your docs, your price

Come up with your own pricing strategy! We can help you choose the best price, but you can play with your prices as much as you like.


Sell infinitely

Do the work once and reap the benefits later. Your digital notes can be sold endlessly without any extra effort required from you. Win!

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Small commission

Stuvia charges a small commission per sale, which you can see directly when setting the price.

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“I used to send my study notes to classmates, until I found Stuvia. Now, my documents have been sold over 900 times and I've been able to take a trip twice with the money I earned.”
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What can you sell on Stuvia?

All of your self-written study resources can be sold on Stuvia, including:

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  • Summaries
  • College notes
  • Assignments
  • Textbook summaries
  • Papers
  • Essays
  • Manuals
  • Course notes
  • Class notes
  • Judgments

You can’t sell the following on Stuvia: Any content for which you do not hold the rightful copyright, such as PowerPoint slides from your professor, published articles or scanned pages from textbooks.

What students say about Stuvia

Over 1,500,000 students across the world have benefited from Stuvia during their studies

A very efficient,reliable and convenient site in uploading of documents.a great study resource for students and swift payer of earnings.i would recommend everyone that if you try stuvia,you will never go starving.
Stuvia is a perfect way to sell study guides and other class supplements. If you have done well in your classes, and want others to succeed in college. Use stuvia as an outlet, and get paid at the same time! - Ansel Ponce Diama
You and your team were a great help to those students/individuals to strive more and share their knowledge and at the same time will have a part time income. Ill be sharing this with my friends!
Stuvia is the best platform to sell study materials. This is the best decision i ever made to sell my study resources on stuvia to earn extra money. The platform is reliable and efficient. The services are excellent. Thanks Stuvia.
I think Stuvia is amazing! As a summary-seller, I think Stuvia provides me with great incentives to make my summaries the best possible, and its also a way to earn some extra money and survive the broke student life!
I think Stuvia is a great service to publish resources to those needed for additional assistance. I found this website useful and it allows me to save some cash which is beneficial.
Stuvia is fantastic for both students looking for study material and study assistance as well as for individuals who are looking for a place to sell their study material.
Stuvia provides an incredible way to earn passively. It is user friendly and it has helped me to ace in my exams as well as provided me with an income.
I love stuvia. It was fantastic motivation for me to write high quality notes for myself, and ive been making nearly £200 sporadically over the past 3 yeears. Is fantastic. Motivation for the writers a d the writees
I think Stuvia is magnificent! I am especially very impressed with the way the staff handle queries. They are very polite and patient. Stuvia offers me an opportunity to sell my notes - something that publishers will not do!
I think Stuvia is super useful, because you study and make money at the same time! You even benefit from summaries you made a couple of years ago. Making money while doing nothing for it!
I think Stuvia is a great way to share your work and help others, while also earning a little money for your efforts. I believe its a very useful tool
Thank you. I have got my first $11 from my papers. Stuvia is the platform that everybody else should be using to learn and to get some extra money for their pockets. Thank you Van
Ik ben super blij met Stuvia! Het is een gemakkelijke manier om bij te verdienen tijdens je studie. Je harde samenvat-werk wordt beloond, en je helpt er ook nog eens anderen mee :)
This service is great. I am very glad I am able to contribute to the learnings of other students through my own educational materials. Cheers to you Stuvia!
Stuvia is a great way for students and teachers alike to receive materials to help with their respective studies. Personally, it has achieve myself exceeding good grades in the courses I have done so far.
I think this platform is very useful to students since we can share our study material with other students and still earn some money. Best website by far to be honest
Great to earn some extra money with old summaries. I always put a lot of energy in them and I hate to see them go to waste after a course has been completed.
I have been so happy with all areas of stuvia! Be it to get materials to study, or to post my own to make a bit of money as a student! It’s such a great platform
I think that Stuvia is a good place to share your summaries or notes from lessons in order to help other students out! And you get rewarded for keeping up making summaries :) thats very nice too!
Best platform for students to share knowledge and make money like investors. Uploading my notes makes me enough cash for miscellaneous expenses and travel!

Students rate us with Excellent

1572 reviews

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What does it cost to sell on Stuvia?

Nothing! You create a free account and post your work to Stuvia without further costs. We take a small commission each time you sell a document. When setting the price for your document, you can exactly what you will earn on each sale. The commission will be automatically deducted.

When will I receive my earned money from Stuvia?

We transfer your earned money into your Stuvia account right after you’ve sold a document. Once you’ve earned over $10, you can request a payout. We transfer this money to your bank via PayPal, ACH/eCheck or wire transfer every Monday.

What am I allowed to sell on Stuvia?

There are a number of things to consider when writing a good summary without violating copyright. For example, you are not allowed to copy texts literally, but you are allowed to quote them. You must make correct citations when doing this. Would you like to be sure that you meet the copyright requirements? Stuvia has a helpful checklist for just that, which can be found here.

How does Stuvia protect my copyrights?

At Stuvia, we prioritize protecting your hard work. When you upload your study resources, you keep full ownership and copyright. If, by any chance, you find your work uploaded without your consent, rest assured that we treat this with utmost urgency. We consider such actions fraudulent and take strict measures against the responsible user.

Can I trust Stuvia?

From its headquarters in Amsterdam, Stuvia has been offering students worldwide a platform to earn money from their knowledge since 2010. Today, more than 1.5 million people use Stuvia monthly and we have an average of 4.6 stars on Google and Trustpilot. If you have any questions about how Stuvia works or how it can benefit you, do not hesitate to contact our support team.