Since 2010 Stuvia has been the online platform of choice for the most current summaries on a wide variety of books and topics. Additionally, Stuvia had made it really easy to sell your own study material. Globally, over one million people are using Stuvia on a monthly basis.

Our story

The story of Stuvia started in 2010 when we, Jaap van Nes and Martijn Scheen, were still university students. Like you, we used to spend a lot of time studying and pulling all-nighters to prepare for a test or to meet a deadline. We wrote and shared countless notes that ended up at the bottom of a drawer after receiving a passing grade.

We believed that acquiring and sharing knowledge could be a lot easier, quicker, and, most importantly, smarter. Because why would we share our study notes for free, if knowledge is worth money? And why should we devote so much time to studying if our fellow students have already prepared study notes that could help us prepare? That’s why we created Stuvia: a platform that brings together supply and demand for high-quality summaries.

Every day we bring tens of thousands of buyers and sellers of summaries together. We connect them in order to exchange the perfect summary of that specialized management book, notes from a lecture or the summary of a specific chapter. Those who buy notes save time studying; those who sell notes, earn money while studying. It turned out that we were not the only ones who believed sharing knowledge could be easier, quicker and smarter. Since starting Stuvia, over a million documents have been sold.

The purpose of Stuvia

By rewarding writers for the hours they spend on their study guides, Stuvia creates an environment where knowledge and skills becomes valuable. Click here to learn how Stuvia can help you with your studies or how you can earn money from your summaries.


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