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Tableau Exam Q&A
  • Tableau Exam Q&A

  • Exam (elaborations) • 9 pages • 2023
  • Which one of the following best describes measures? Text based data Qualitative data Quantitative data Map based data - Answer- Quantitative data How to concatenate two strings ? The plus sign (+) AND Using Concat() OR - Answer- + Which of the following are table calculations ? (Select all that apply) Rank Running Sum Percent of total Moving Average - Answer- rank, percent of total, moving average To explore the relationship between two measures in th...
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Tableau Associate Exam Q&A
  • Tableau Associate Exam Q&A

  • Exam (elaborations) • 13 pages • 2023
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  • When editing a view in a dashboard, what are the two ways you can select the view to display its options menu? Select two answer - Answer- 1. Under Sheets, Click the view in the list 2. On the dashboard, click the view Suppose your team has asked you to change a highlight table, using a different color scheme. Which botton allows you to make that type of changes? - Answer- Edit In this dashboard, you want to change the colors used in the Sales by Product Category view. Which item do you se...
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Tableau Exam Q&A 2023
  • Tableau Exam Q&A 2023

  • Exam (elaborations) • 2 pages • 2023
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  • What are the three different Tableau file types? Explain each one - Answer- 1. .twb - You can only see the visualizations; cannot manipulate the data 2. .tbwx - This will include the data and allows for changes to be made 3. .tds - The mapping file in Tableau What are the two kinds of connections? - Answer- 1. Live 2. Extract What are the differences between the live and extract connections? - Answer- Live is slower, but if you make a change to the excel sheet it will be reflected in Ta...
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  • Exam (elaborations) • 3 pages • 2023
  • 1. State the best reason for using an extract instead of a live connection? - Answer- You need to apply an aggregation that takes too long when using a live connection. 2. State what should be used to create a calculated field that returns data independent of the data granularity in a view? - Answer- • A FIXED LOD calculation 3. Mention, what should be specified to connect to multiple tables in a single data source at one time. - Answer- Join 4. A field that shows average home values ...
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