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Ramp Quiz #2 Qs&As
  • Ramp Quiz #2 Qs&As

  • Exam (elaborations) • 3 pages • 2023
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  • Ramp Quiz #2 Qs&As When do aircraft have the right-of-way? - ANS-Always What is the maximum number of bag carts that can be towed at one time? - ANS-4 What is an example of a three way connection? - ANS-Tug GPU Aircraft 4. What is the speed limit on the active ramp? - ANS-15mph True or False: A 360° walk-around done before attaching it to a piece of ground equipment, of the GPU must be such as a tug. - ANS-True The boom of the beltloader must be in the (blank) position prior to driving ...
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