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This notebook contains lecture notes from 2019 BIOL 1090 class. It includes diagrams, definitions, exam questions&solutions, and only the TESTED textbook content that was on my final exam. Covers all lectures and goes more in-depth from lecture 13 and up (after midterm #1) Some topics include: - Mitosis/Meiosis - Regulation of Cell and Cancer - Genetics (genotypes) - Binomial Probability (punnett squares and family trees) - Mendel’s Pea Experiment - Viruses and Bacteriophage - Compartments - Integral Membrane (fluid mosaic model, signal transduction) - Substance Transport (active transport, simple diffusion) - Photosynthesis (chloroplast, dark-light reactions) - Aerobic Respiration (electron transport chain, mitochondria) - Vesicular Transport - Smooth and Rough ER - Golgi Complex and Vacuoles - Protein Synthesis and Sorting (cotranslational protein import) - Cytoskeleton (microtubules and filaments) - Actin Staining - Nucleus (nucleolus, pores, envelope) - Full Protein Transport Pathway And more.

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