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Marketing & Innovation Summary articles and lecture notes

Summary of all articles and all lecture notes. List of articles included: Tripsas (1997) Unraveling the process of creative destruction: complementary assets and incumbent survival in the typesetter industry. Hillebrand, Kemp, and Nijssen (2011) Customer orientation and future market focus in NSD. Workman Jr, John P. (1993) Marketing’s limited role in new product development in one computer systems firm. Evanschitzky, Heiner, Martin Eisend, Roger J. Calantone, and YuanyuanJiang (2012) Success factors of product innovation: an updated meta-analysis. Van Kleef, E, van Trijp H.C.M., & Luning P. (2005) Consumer research in the early stages of new product development: acritical review of methods and techniques. Hauser, J.R. (1993) How Puritan-Bennet used the House of Quality. Bitner, M.J., Ostrom A.L., & Morgan F.N. (2008) Service blueprinting: a practical technique for service innovation. Füller, J., K. Hutter, and R. Faullant, (2011) Why co-creation experience matters? Creative experience and its impact on the quantity and quality of creative contributions. Gary L.L., P.D. Morrison, K. Searls, M. Sonnack, and E. von Hippel (2002) Performance assessment of the lead user idea-generation process for new product development. Gatzweiler, A., V. Blazevic, and F.T. Piller (2017) Dark side or bright light: destructive and constructive deviant content in consumer ideation contests. Schmidt, J.B. and R.J. Calantone (2002) Escalation of commitment during new product development. Guiltinan, J.P. (1999) Launch strategy, launch tactics, and demand outcomes Golder, P.N. and G.J. Tellis (1993) Pioneer advantage: marketing logic or marketing legend? Sorescu, A.B., R.K. Chandy, and J.C. Prabhu (2003) Sources and financial consequences of radical innovation: insights from pharmaceuticals Berends, Jelinek, Reymen, and Stultiëns (2014). Product Innovation Processes in Small Firms: Combining Entrepreneurial Effectuation and Managerial Causation. Plouffe, C.R., M. Vandenbosch, & J. Hulland (2001) Intermediating technologies and multi-group adoption: a comparison of consumer and merchant adoption intentions toward new electronic payment system Kuester, S., C. Homburg,& T.S. Robertson (1999)Retaliatory behaviour to new product entry, Homburg, C., A. Fürst, & J.K. Prigge (2010). A customer perspective on product eliminations: how the removal of products affects customers and business relationships And ALL lectures and guest-lecture included

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