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Nouns are significant because they describe places, objects, and people, as well as more complex abstract concepts. Without nouns, you're left with verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. The absence of nouns removes any subject or object from your sentence, which is equivalent to communicating essentially...

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1. What is the physical change?

Answer: A physical change in a sample of matter occurs when certain of its properties change but the material\'s identity remains constant. Physical changes are further classified into two types: reversible and irreversible. Melting is a reversible physical change, as the melted ice cube can be refrozen.


What are two examples of physical changes?

Answer: Physical change can take the form of changes in matter\'s size or shape. Physical changes include the shift from one condition to another, such as solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Physical changes are caused by a variety of processes, including cutting, bending, dissolving, freezing, boiling and melting.


How do chemical changes vary from physical changes?

Answer: The outward appearance or shape of substance alters during a physical change, but the type of matter contained in the material remains constant. A chemical change, on the other hand, causes the production of at least one new compound with novel properties.


Is the hue shift due to a chemical reaction?

Answer: A shift in hue indicates a chemical reaction. A chemical reaction caused this color shift. However, one must exercise caution because a color shift is sometimes only the effect of merging two hues rather than an actual change in the overall makeup of the substances in question.


Is there a chemical shift when you fried an egg?

Answer: When you cook an egg, the liquid component turns from liquid to solid, causing a chemical shift. The liquid component of the egg changes color from clear to white as it cooks.

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Some examples from this set of practice questions


What is a wind vane ?

Answer: A wind vane is an instrument that measures the wind direction.


What is Anemometer?

Answer: Used to find out how fast the wind is blowing or the speed of the wind.


What is barometer?

Answer: It is a scientific instrument used to measure air pressure. Measures air pressure in millibars.


What does a weather balloon do?

Answer: Transmits or sends radio signals. These signals give information about the weather.


What is the use of rain gauge?

Answer: Measures the amount of rainfall.

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