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Should Plastic be banned? | IELTS Practice Essay

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This essay delves into the multifaceted debate surrounding the potential banning of plastic, a material once celebrated for its versatility and affordability but now scrutinized for its severe environmental and health impacts. It examines the compelling arguments for and against such a ban, address...

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  • July 6, 2024
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  • 2023/2024
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Some examples from this set of practice questions


What are the primary arguments for banning plastic?

Answer: The primary arguments for banning plastic include its detrimental environmental impact, significant health risks, and hidden economic costs associated with pollution management and health issues.


How does plastic pollution affect marine life and ecosystems?

Answer: Plastic pollution affects marine life by causing injury, starvation, and death when sea creatures ingest plastic debris. It disrupts ecosystems, harming both marine and terrestrial animals and plants.


Why are plastics slow to decompose, and what are the consequences of this?

Answer: Plastics are slow to decompose because they take hundreds to thousands of years to break down. During this time, they fragment into microplastics, which infiltrate soil, water sources, and the air, causing widespread pollution and potential health risks.


What health risks are associated with plastics, particularly concerning chemicals like BPA and phthalates?

Answer: Plastics containing chemicals like BPA and phthalates pose health risks as these chemicals can leach into food and beverages, acting as endocrine disruptors. They can lead to reproductive problems, metabolic disorders, and cancer.


What is the economic argument against banning plastic, and what does it overlook?

Answer: The economic argument against banning plastic highlights that the plastic industry supports millions of jobs globally and contributes significantly to various sectors. However, it overlooks the hidden costs of plastic pollution, including cleanup expenses, health issues, and negative impacts on tourism and fishing industries.

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