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Criminal Litigation Revision Document LPC BPP university

This is a condensed revision note for the LPC CORE module 'criminal litigation'. I've gone through ALL the SGSs, ALL the 'Solutions' i.e. class answer sheets and ALL the 'LPC Chapters' i.e. class reading material to put together this COMPREHENSIVE document. For the assessment in May, I relied SOLELY on these notes and achieved an extremely high grade. These notes WILL almost certainly get you a commendation or above AS LONG AS you can also APPLY the law to the facts in the exam! I'd highly recommend you purchase these, it took a really long time to make these revision notes and on the LPC there are numerous assessments with not much time in between! Save yourself the hassle of doing this yourself! Also, on the LPC, you accumulate SO MANY MATERIALS and PAPERS that it can be extremely daunting and overwhelming - I didn't even know where to start at first when I looked at all the piles of paper I had for each module! If you are thinking of attending the LPC, I'd prepare early for the best chances of getting a good grade. I wish I had done this instead of cramming last minute, I'm sure I would have saved myself a lot of undue stress!

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