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NR 511 Week 5 Final Exam Study Guide (Summer 2021) With Elaborate Explanations

NR 511 Week 5 Final Exam Study Guide (Summer 2021) With Elaborate Explanations Identify the population most commonly affected by bacterial prostatitis Discuss the physical exam characteristics of acute bacterial prostatitis Discuss how the Phren sign can differentiate between testicular torsion and epididymitis Discuss common symptoms reported from a patient with BPH Discuss the hallmark characteristic of a varicocele Identify the population most affected by testicular cancer Explain spinal stenosis Discuss common characteristics (subjective and objective findings) of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis Identify the red flags associated with back and neck complaints which warrant further investigation Identify the number of joints involved in a poly-articular disorder Describe the four cardinal signs of joint inflammation Differentiate between DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Differentiate between lateral and medial epicondylitis Discuss at least 3 vital body functions which thyroid hormones regulate Describe a goiter and the type of thyroid dysfunction that can be associated with it Differentiate between overt hypothyroidism and subclinical hypothyroidism Differentiate between Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Grave’s disease Identify at least 3 risks associated with obesity Identify at least 3 causes of obesity Discuss one primary prevention for obesity Identify the categories of obesity based on the BMI Discuss how acute low back pain without neurological dysfunction does not warrant radiological imaging Identify the roles of TSH, FT4, TT3, and TPO Abs in determining thyroid function Identify at least one “at-risk” population who should be considered for thyroid screening Discuss one physical characteristic seen in a hyperthyroid patient Identify the CDC recommended antibiotic class for treatment of acute bacterial prostatitis Identify at least one treatment for BPH Identify treatment options for obesity based on BMI and comorbid conditions Describe the Spurling test and what condition it is used to diagnose Describe how to perform a Phalen and Tinnel test Identify at least 3 physical exam maneuvers to assess the knee Week 6 Differentiate between resting, postural and intention tremors and describe each Describe one disease with resting tremor as a clinical finding Describe a medication commonly associated with tremors Identify at least 3 laboratory tests to rule out systemic causes of tremor Describe at least one at-risk population that is recommended to have HIV screening Describe at least one pharmacologic treatment option for tremor Describe an appropriate empiric antibiotic treatment plan for cellulitis Discuss an intervention to prevent HIV and HIV-associated behaviors Identify physical exam findings in the patient with HIV Describe symptoms, DDx, pathogens, testing, and treatment for the following conditions: Cellulitis, impetigo, MRSA, Bites (dogs, cats, humans), Erysipelas NR 511 Week 8 Final Exam Study Guide (Fall Session) Question: Signs and symptoms and management of musculoskeletal sprains/strains/dislocations Kara Irvin Question: Signs and symptoms and management of spinal disorders (spondylosis, stenosis, etc.) Sandra Okonkwo Thank you Ashley L for completing!!! Question: Recognition and immediate management of cauda equina syndrome Danie Molly Question: Maneuvers and expected findings with joint pain (knee, shoulder, wrist, etc.) Deanna Morrison Thank you Ashley L!! Question: Initial assessment of FOOSH injury in correlation to anatomical location of radial head bone Lisa Callahan Question: Assessment and management of Myofascial pain Jenna Lara Thank you Ashley L Question: Health promotion activities to prevent sport related musculoskeletal injuries Melissa Schaff Question: Osteopenia Helena Longfellow Question: Assessment and management of gout Alyssa Olberding Question: Medication management for acute vs. chronic gout Lauren Pera Acute Gout/Hannah Prevost Chronic Gout Thank you Ashley L! Question: Dietary restrictions for gout Rich Mohammed Question: Signs and symptoms and management of thyroid disorders Cassandra Haak/Angela Friend Soria work together and split Question: Thyroid screening tests, confirmatory tests and monitoring Britiani Keen Question: Risk factors for Hashimoto’s & Grave’s disease Vanessa Spingola Thank you Ashley L Question: Risk factors for secondary obesity Heather Welty Question: Macrocytic vs microcytic vs normocytic anemia (causes, symptoms, testing) Kali Yann Thank you Ashley L! Question: X-linked disorders in African American males Shannon Gray/Nicole Kerner Thank you Ashley L Question: Signs and symptoms of splenic sequestration Anneliese Tebedo Thank you Ashley L Question: Most accurate diagnostic testing for sickle cell anemia Jacmnha Tahachjeauh Question: Patient education for iron supplementation administration to improve efficacy Shelly Sorden Thank you Ashley L. Question: Risks, diagnosis and treatment of hematological disorders Jessica Kandybe Question: Common types of leukemia Mallory Harder Question: Stages of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) Angie Gunn Question: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) treatment in children and correlation with subsequent cancers in adulthood Heather Chapman/Nicole Capodieci Question: Animal bites Elena Hamant Question: The treatment and management of wounds and lacerations Margaret Ufomba Question: and administration of tetanus vaccine for post exposure management Ashley Lassiter Question: Erectile dysfunction causes and treatments Ashley Smith Question: Drug of choice for treatment of priapism Michael Furci Question: Hypospadias Jackie Heffner Big thank you Ashley L Question: Treatment of undescended testes Kellie Atkins Big thank you Ashley L Question: Varicocele vs testicular torsion vs hydrocele vs epididymitis Katrina Poulsen first two/Michelle Bennett 3rd and 4th Question: Signs and symptoms of chronic vs acute prostatitis Sammy Lee Question: Management and intervention for BPH Jed Andrada Question: Assessment and management of prostate cancer Linds Lou

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