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Summary [9700] CIE A-Level Biology Unit 12: Energy and Respiration

This section of my summarised notes covers the topic 'Energy and Respiration' in CIE 9700 Biology. These are simple, stylised note pack which are perfect for A2 biology revision. They cover the topic in the CIE 2019-2021 syllabus with needed detail to ensure you get the perfect score. Juggling 4 different A-level subjects all at once can be extremely challenging, but I was able to use my time more efficiently by using summarised notes over the 300-page textbook that went into too much irrelevant detail. Using more aesthetic fonts and layouts definitely makes it more exciting to both make and study from. Basic text can get boring and difficult to read over a long period of time so these notes will ensure you remain focused and steadfast in your journey to an A*! This document was my primary revision resource when studying for the final exam hence why they are formatted to be easy to read and extendable to write extra comments. When I used my notes I simply went through the booklet highlighting and annotating sentences with extra details I found whilst doing past papers. After 1 week I had the perfect notes to go over multiple time in order to reinforce the concepts before my exam. I have tried several revision methods throughout highschool but each method never stuck. From index cards, audios, posters to presentations, I didn't find the perfect method of revision until I made these summarised notes. And it worked! I was able to get highest attainment in Biology in my entire year 13 and by using these notes I achieved an A*.

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