Sociology study guides for A Level students

Hey guys!

I know how stressful A levels can be, please don't give up if you've hit a wall :(

Here are my A level grades:

Sociology (A*)

Psychology (A)

Geography (B)

Abbreviations on my notes:

TIB = This is because

TST = This shows that

TMT = This means that

Pps = Participants

Thank you purchasing my notes

Please message me for any questions :)


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BUNDLE. AQA Sociology A level Paper 1: Education, Research Methods & Methods in Context

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A* student for Sociology! Topics for Education: 1. Explaining class differences in achievement (External) 2. Explaining class differences in achievement (Internal) 3.Ethnic Differences 4. Gender Differences 5. Role of Education in Society 6. Education Policy I hope my notes will help you gain an A* too!

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