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GCSE Chemistry - Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

This source is the perfect tool to assist you with learning the atomic structure and periodic table section of the GCSE Chemistry course. With coloured text and relevant diagrams and pictures, this should be a breeze. Its ideal for students in year 10 and 11, but also those in year 9 to get a head start. Hope this helps!! :)

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  • by orinaghazaly • 
  • uploaded  10-05-2020
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Chemical bonding - Grade 10
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Summary of chemical bonding on a grade 10 level. These are my personal study notes compiled form information given in class and my grade 10 textbook. This document contains summaries of; the atom, Isotopes, energy level diagrams, valance electrons, valency, the periodic table, properties of metals/non-metals/metal-ioids, Ions, electronegativity, lewis structures, and types of bonding. they are very detailed and comprehensive, containing all the information you need to ace your exams.

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  • by hessy • 
  • uploaded  22-05-2020
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