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Logistics and supply chain management summary self-study 2019-2020

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This is a summary of the self-study of logistics and supply chain management (HW, 2019-2020). This only contains the tutorial. Since there was no powerpoint, I myself tried to select and summarize the main parts. This is the ordinary theory lessons. You'll find it in a separate document.

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  •  • 27 pages • 
  • by morienelhaj • 
  • uploaded  08-12-2019
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Summary supply chain management (BMO-24806)

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Summary supply chain management (BMO-24806). This summary is written in the second period of study year, 2010/2020. Wageningen university and research

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  •  • 59 pages • 
  • by igor • 
  • uploaded  20-01-2020
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Logistics and supply chain management: exercises and solutions H1&2

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These are all the solutions of the exercises that were discussed in the first exercise sessions. In the following weeks, the other exercises & related solutions will also be online (separate files). All solutions are described in detail (how to obtain the solutions).

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  •  • 34 pages • 
  • by hwnerd22 • 
  • uploaded  15-10-2019
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