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Atomic Theory, Formulas and the Periodic Table, Covalent and Ionic Bonds

This set of notes cover early ideas in atomic theory and the scientists who discovered them and what they discovered based on their experiments, how to write a chemical symbol, how to understand chemical formulas, what a structural formula is and how to draw or determine what a compound is given structural formula, what a compounds empirical form is, how to navigate the periodic table, the main groups of the periodic table, discovery of periodic table, and what are covalent and ionic compounds.

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Questions SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School AL Chemistry Section 11 The d-Block Elements

80 IA Q.4 (c) Write the oxidation number and the coordination number of the central metal in (i) K2[RuCl5(OH2)](s) (ii) [CaEDTA]2-(aq), where EDTAH4 represents the following structure : HOOC-CH2 CH2-COOH N-CH2-CH2-N HOOC-CH2 CH2-COOH (2 marks) 80 IB Q.5 (a) Shown below are the basic components of a simple colorimeter : (i) In which order should the components be arranged ? (1 mark) (ii) What is the purpose of the filter B ? (1 mark) (iii) The points on the graph paper bel...

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