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Summary The Dream House analysis, themes, characters and quotes -- ALL YOU NEED! :)

YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO FEEL STRESSED ABOUT THE DREAM HOUSE!!! With these notes, you will ace any essay that comes your way :) Includes: Characters, themes, analysis, and way too many quotes. I realised that there were no decent notes on the Dream House available anywhere! SO, my tutor and I set about compiling a thorough analysis on everything that occurs in the Dream House. I know not everyone enjoys reading, and the Dream House can be a tiresome read. These notes are for anyone who is looking for an in depth analysis Dream House to prep for a test or exam, but may not have the time to reread the book. About me: I was placed in the Top 1% for 6 IEB subjects in 2019, including English, with an over 90 percent average. These were the notes I used to prepare for all my Dream House essays. I've also included tonnes of integrated quotes each pertaining to particular themes and inter-character relationships, which I've placed in bold. These notes were developed in conjunction with my Tutor, and I'm glad to finally be sharing them with you! I hope they'll make your experience with the Dream House as painless as it should be :) Honestly, all you need to ace any Dream House essay! These notes helped everyone at my school, and hundreds more, so give them a try. My goal has always been to help others achieve what they are capable of. Good luck! E p.s Due to popular demand, I am working on other Dream House content. I should have a full summary of the dream house out for you guys soon, stay tuned! :)

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