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Managing Internationalization Volledige samenvatting

Volledige samenvatting Managing internationalization - Filip De Beule. Ook de handboek is verwerkt in de samenvatting. Dit bevat alles om te slagen voor het examen. Uiteindelijk cijfer: 16/20. KuLeuven Campus Carolus Antwerpen, Masterjaar Handelswetenschappen - internationaal zakenwezen.

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  • 1. Case - Multinationale bedrijfsstrategie: oplossing cases
  • 2. Summary - Multinationale bedrijfsstrategie: ernst verwaal: 19/20
  • 3. Summary - Internationaal management: filip de beule
  • 4. Summary - Internationaal management: nauwelaerts ysabelle
  • 5. Summary - Multimodal freight transport and port management - chris coeck
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  • 1. Summary - Onderzoeksmethodologie master izw: de beule, smet en nauwelaerts
  • 2. Summary - Multimodal freight transport and port management - chris coeck
  • 3. Summary - Managing internationalization volledige samenvatting
  • 4. Summary - Vragen globale politieke omgeving (dirk rochtus)
  • 5. Summary - Globale juridische omgeving, alle gastcollege's samengevat
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By: imadelyakhloufi • 3 weeks ago

By: laurensvleugels • 3 weeks ago

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Strange, though, that other four stars give and you give one star on all the summaries. We'll see if you'll graduate with great honors, too. If the pro judges your exam as honestly as you do, then you can be happy with a summer full of reexams.

By: imadelyakhloufi • 3 weeks ago

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I think you should be happy with the fact that the pro doesn't know this is just theft of his intellectual property. Maybe that'll change when he knows you're asking for money by just taking over his slides.

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