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Psychology Honors Modules 4802,5,7,9

Psychology Honor Modules PYC4802 PSY4805 PYC4807 PYC4809

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PYC4802 Past Assignments


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All Assignment have been Referenced. There are 8 worked out assignment – Essays The first 3 pages are MQS, the rest of the pack is essay assignment. All have been referenced. 1. ADOLESCENT DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE 2. Mood Disorders: Adolescent Depression & Suicide 3. Explain the role of the adolesce...

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Past Exam Papers have been used to compile the Questions and they have been typed out and answered. At the end of the pack are exam preparation notes.

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Summary: PYC4807 Chapter 4 & 5


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Chapters covered are Reliability & Validity

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Summary: PYC4809 Exam preparation Notes


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These notes have been compiled with exam question papers in mind. Possible exam type questions stated in each chapter. These are excellent for exam time as well as assignment help and guidelines, to understand the exam, the way in which you should know answering the questions.

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Summary: PYC4809 Extensive BULLET POINT Notes


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These notes cover the entire book. The module is covered with these summaries. Each unit (chapter) is summarised - this is for easy referencing and helps with exams as well as assignments.

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