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Kidney at the Molecular Level

This document is highly condensed with information about the kidney. The pdf breaks down the different steps inside the nephron (glomerulus, proximal tubule, loop of henle, distal tubule, and collecting duct) at the molecular level. You will also learn about the epithelial cells inside the proximal tubule at a molecular level. Discusses the different solute concentrations (K , Na , glucose, etc.) at different parts of the nephron. Carefully drawn and colorful diagrams make everything easy to fol...

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Human Biology (BIOL 160) / Human Biology (BIOL160) / BIOL 160 Human Biology Exam study guide / BIOL160 Human Biology Exam study guide (Latest, 2020): University Of Maryland Baltimore School Of Nursing

HUMAN BIOLOGY BIOL 160 A general introduction to human structure, functions, genetics, evolution, and ecology. The aim is to use scientific reasoning to make informed decisions about topics related to human biology. The human organism is examined from the basic cellular level and genetics, through organ systems, to interaction with the outside world. Discussion also covers pertinent health topics. Introduces major concepts of cell biology, including cell physiology and structure, molecular bi...

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Grade 10 and 11 Life Science notes
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This bundle has notes, diagrams and explanations on the following: •Plant Diversity •Life at cellular, molecular and tissue level •Animal Diversity •Excretory System • Nervous system •Circulatory system •The paper 2 essay rubric •Notes on biological skills (tables, drawings, graphs, scientific method etc.)

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NR508 (NR 508) Midterm Outline | LATEST 2020

NR508 Midterm Outline Chapter 1: The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse as Prescriber Roles and responsibilities of APRN prescribers: Collaborate w/ physician on best drug to give patient, in depth knowledge of drugs, use pharma protocols, central role in educating nurses & patients on appropriate use of drugs Clinical judgement in Prescribing- Is a prescription the right tx? Goals of therapy, effective drugs for the disease? Monitoring goals met? Cost? Collaboration with other providers- diff...

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Grade 12 Life Science

- Human endocrine system - Reproduction in plants - Life at a molecular level - Genetics and genetic engineering - Origin of the idea of Evolution - Fundamental Aspects of Evolution - Formation of New Species - Hominid Studies

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