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Muscular System

This set of hand written, detailed, and organized notes thoroughly covers the basics of the muscular system. Clear labels, simple drawings, and an easy to follow flow allow for the information to be found and remembered easily. This set includes the topics of but not limited to : skeletal vs cardiac vs smooth muscles, muscle structure, sarcomere composition, actin, myosin, cisternae, transverse tubules, detailed contraction cycle, contraction types, and fast and slow twitch muscle fibers

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  • uploaded  24-08-2019
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Comprehensive Notes for Anatomy & Physiology (Study Guide Style)
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Ok, so if you're taking Anatomy, this is everything you need to know for each exam. This is a study guide covering each bodily system! Couldn't make it to your 8AM? Tired of going through the professor's 100 slide powerpoint? Download this! This guide includes: important charts, bolded terms, highlighting of the most crucial info, and info that is frequently missed during lecture.

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  • uploaded  17-08-2018
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Muscle and muscle tissue

Detailed notes with pictures (who doesn't like them!) covering majority of the content organized in bullet points and several topics and sub topics. Easy language used to get a better understanding coupled with few examples but not missing the important scientific terms. Perfect combo.

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  • by Vidadiwan • 
  • uploaded  15-03-2019
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