How to learn formulas?

Studying and learning - How to learn formulas?

Besides theories, lists, and terms you sometimes also need to learn complicated formulas and memorize them by heart. This can be a tough challenge, but fortunately, there are several study tactics to learn formulas. This article will explain some study techniques for memorizing formulas and applying them when you are taking the exam.

Know your theory

Formulas are connected to the theory behind it. They are not just numbers and symbols but actually explain a concept or can calculate something in the real world. This will only become clear when you understand the context of the formula. You need to read the text belonging to the formula carefully, in order to really understand the context. This way you can apply the formula correctly and remember it better.


This is an obvious but important tip. We all know that sometimes it is hard to find the motivation and dedication to do your homework. However, practicing formulas is one of the key activities while studying effectively. Review all the exercises one more time and practice old exam questions.After all, your professor will probably ask you to make a calculation with the correct formula, rather than ask you to merely write down the formulas.

Create an overview

To create a good overview of all the formulas you need to study, it’s best to go through each chapter again and collect all the formulas. You can list these and type them out carefully in a neat overview. Do this in a way so you can understand. You can always clarify a formula with some text or concepts. Also, it is a good idea to create a list of symbols and their meaning.

Often, one theory or concept requires the use of more than one formula. Try to include in your overview when to use which formula and for what. This way, you won’t mix the formulas up when you want to use them to answer a question.

Keep repeating the formulas

When you have learned the formulas, you don’t want to forget them before you need to do the exam. That’s why it is important to keep repeating the formulas and keep practicing until you can write and use the formula without making any mistakes.

Good luck!