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Summary Literature Conflict Analysis course

Summary of the literature for the course Conflict Analysis from the Conflict minor at the UU. The summary contains: Introduction: Conflict Analysis in Context, Demmers/ Categories, Trends and Evidence of Violent Conflict, Cramer/ The Structure of International Conflict, Mitchell/ Mobilization for collective violent action: multi-causal approaches, Demmers/ The Causes of Internal Conflict: An Overview, Brown/ Identity, boundaries and violence, Demmers/ Ethnicity: Blood or Wine?, Baumann/ Telling each other apart: A discursive approach to violent conflict, Demmers/ Fighting Words: naming terrorists, bandits, rebels and other violent actors, Bhatia/ Insurgency and terrorism: is there a difference?, Duyvesteyn and Fumerton/ The Social Construction of Organised Political Violence: An Analytical Framework, Jackson and Dexter/ Militias and Genocide, Alvarez/ Unfamiliar Connections: Special Forces and Paramilitaries in the Former Yugoslavia, Horncastle/ Nineteen Minutes of Horror: Insights from the Scorpions Execution Video, Vukusic/ Vicarious warfare: The counterproductive consequences of modern American military practice, Waldman/ Introduction, Thomson/ US Imperial Statecraft and Para-Institutional Forces, Thomson/ An assemblage approach to liquid warfare: AFRICOM and the ‘hunt’ for Joseph Kony, Demmers and Gould/ Private Military and Security Companies, Hoffman/ Military geoeconomics: money, finance and war, Gilbert

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