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Summary articles Entrepreneurship & Finance

Summary of the following articles: • Capital structure theory and new technology firms: is there a match? S Coleman, A Robb - Management Research Review, 2012 • What do we know about entrepreneurial finance and its relationship with growth?; S Fraser, SK Bhaumik, M Wright – International Small Business Journal, 2015 • Entrepreneurship and growth; M. Wright I. Stigliani - – International Small Business Journal, 2012 • The capital structure decisions of new firms; AM Robb, DT Robinson - The Review of Financial Studies, 2014. • Financial bootstrapping in small businesses: Examining small business managers' resource acquisition behaviors; J Winborg, H Landström - Journal of business venturing, 2001 • A longitudinal study on the relationship between financial bootstrapping and new venture growth Tom Vanacker , Sophie Manigart , Miguel Meuleman & Luc Sels, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 2011 • Strategic Entrepreneurship: Creating Value for Individuals, Organizations, and Society Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland, David G. Sirmon, and Cheryl A. Trahms – Academy of Management Perspectives; 2011 • Ready for funding? Entrepreneurial ventures and the pursuit of angel financing; CG Brush, LF Edelman, TS Manolova - Venture Capital, 2012 • Growing fast or slow?: Understanding the variety of paths and the speed of early growth of entrepreneurial science-based firms; M Miozzo, L DiVito - Research Policy, 2016 • Accounting and Control, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Venturing into New Research Opportunities Antonio Davila , George Foster & Daniel Oyon, European Accounting Review, 2009 • The emergence of management controls in an entrepreneurial company Chris Akroyda , Ralph Koberb , Danni Lic; Accounting & Finance; 2019 • Entrepreneurial finance journeys: embeddedness and the finance escalator, Ekaterina Murzacheva & Jonathan Levie Venture Capital; 2020 • Network ties, reputation, and the financing of new ventures; S Shane, D Cable - Management science, 2002 • Towards a model of the business angel investment process; S Paul, G Whittam, J Wyper - Venture Capital, 2007 • A comparison of business angel and venture capitalist investment procedures: an agency theory-based analysis; M Van Osnabrugge - Venture Capital: An international journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, 2000 • Start-ups, entrepreneurial networks and equity crowdfunding: a processual perspective; R Brown, S Mawson, A Rowe - Industrial Marketing Management, 2019 • Crowdfunding and innovation; F Hervé, A Schwienbacher - Journal of Economic Surveys, 2018 • Convincing the crowd: Entrepreneurial storytelling in crowdfunding campaigns; S Manning, TA Bejarano - Strategic Organization, 2017

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