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PN1 Exam 2 Review 1 Latest 2020_PN1 Test 2 Review 1 Rasmussen College.

nurse’s assessment or the client? Information from the client Is objective or subjective data more important? Subjective When objective and subjective data about a client’s pain are in conflict, which report should the nurse consider as the primary source? Pain is always subjective “subject says”. When administering pain medication, is it the most appropriate to administer the minimum dose and reevaluate the client’s pain after 30 minutes or administer the highest pain medication dosage to ensure the client’s pain is relieved? If BP is slow, start low. If patient comes out of surgery and pain is an 8 pushing the max dose is at the nurses discretion. What physiological changes can occur when a client is in acute pain? BP, Resp Rate, Pulse Dilated Pupils Perspiration (Diaphoresis/sweating) Pallor (pale skin) How can a nurse assess a non-verbal client for pain? Wong Baker Face Scale, or non-verbal cues (grimacing, rolling on bed, fetal position).

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