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Summary English IEB poetry 2020

This document contains all the poems that could be examined in the IEB English Paper 1 final exam. There is an in depth analysis of each poem as well as summary on tone, structure and diction. The poems include: Love's farewell; I have my father's voice; Penguin on the beach; Touch; Refugee Blues; My last duchess; Dulce et Decorum est; To Althea, from Prison; Lost or found world; Ulysses; The wind begun to rock the grass; To the night; the cry of South Africa; the tenant; Assassination; Portrait of a loaf bread; No longer mourn for me; nobody loses all the time.

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By: maliforderjones • 2 months ago

By: suekandrew • 4 days ago

By: oliverwelsh • 3 months ago

This is awesome! To the point which is exactly what I need :D thanks a ton

By: gabypereira • 3 months ago

This pack is honestly amazing, I've got so much more insight from these notes. They have definently helped me so much with understanding the poems better

By: akhonamaple • 3 months ago

I loved this pack so much. Really understood them and super in depth. Feeling very confident for the final. Thank you so much! Keep doing this

By: alyxwissing • 3 months ago

I thought it would be in-depth analysis. It is just key words. I am highly disappointed as my final is tomorrow.

By: Vyom_dixit • 3 months ago

Hey, I'm sorry you're unhappy! However each poem is deeply analysed and is being used by top scholars and departments across IEB schools in Gauteng. You can send me an email on or message me on insta @vyom_dixit and I'll certainly send you some extra notes I have made for my self

By: rainevantichelen • 1 week ago

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