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NR 602 Midterm Study Guide : D&M 3 NDNP 864 Midterm Study Guide Week 1: Early child development notes (chapter 6)(Latest 2020)

D&M 3 NDNP 864 Midterm Study Guide Week 1: Early child development notes (chapter 6): Articulation: Lexicon: Syntax: Peer relationships: Body image: Theories: Developmental Assessment: Screening Tools: Safety Gross Motor Development Sleep School Age Children Growth and Development Physical development: Psychosocial development: Conceptual vs perceptual thinking: Communication and language development: Language development: Social/Emotional: Common fears: Symptoms of stress / fear: Physical characteristics: Dental: Nutrition: Sleep: Safety: WEEK 2 : Chapter 8 Adolescent Physiologic Changes of the Adolescent Tanner stages: Female stages: Male stages: Egocentrism of adolescents: Principles and approaches to assessment: Physical Assessment: Cognitive development: Phases of adolescence: • Early adolescence (11-14 years old): most difficult period • Middle Adolescence (15-17 years old): stand out for their unique appearance • Late Adolescence (18 to 21 years old): autonomy Risk behavior assessment: Sexual Activity Nutritional Needs • Adolescent interviewing Week 5: Pediatric Orthopedics 3/1/2018 Age and likelihood of disorder Obtaining hx Sprains Treatment of sprains: Strain Fractures Neuromuscular conditions Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis plan for CP Problems associated with CP Signs of possible CP Goals for CP Treatment CP and IQ Muscular dystrophies (MD) Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Case Study: 15 yr old male, Dx with DMD at age 5, Wheelchair bound since age 9, Bipap at night, 5kg wt loss in 3 mths, now with complaints of difficulty swallowing, • What diagnostic work-up is indicated? Swallow study (condition may cause aspiration), EMG (electromyography) to check muscles • What is the prognosis for this condition (life span mid 20s) • Wha.t tx/therapies are needed (thicken feeds, slow softer foods, feeding tube, speech, PT) • What consult/referrals should be placed? Characteristics Dx eval Manifestation Management Guillian-Barre syndrome (GBS) Case Study: 17 year old male, Hx influenza 2 wks ago, Ataxia, HA, blurred vision, Limping unable to stand on 1 foot, Denies fever, Labs norm CBC and electrolytes, What other studies would you do Laboratory Imaging: MRI or CT scan Prognosis Manifestation Dx eval Management Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Case study (recommended reading): 2 y.o. girl presents with refusal to walk, symptoms started 3 wks ago with fever of 104 and difficulty bearing weight on both lower extremities. xray unremarkable at the time but was positive for AOM which was tx’d with amoxicillin. 1 wk later limp worsened, tx at a community clinic was NSAIDs and heating pads. Further progression brings her to the hospital; no hx of trauma or resp. s/s but 3 mths prior had bloody diarrhea ve for E. coli and Shigella. Immunizations UTD. PE: Afebrile, HR 100, RR 24 BP 84/60. full ROM bil. at hips and knees, no deep tendon reflexes in LE at both knees and ankles, limited dorsoflexion of the R foot, no swelling, erythema at any joints. other exam was normal. Labs: CBC, CMP, CK, CRP, antinuclear antibodies WNL but ESR slightly elevated at 25mm/hr. LE xray and bone scan are -ve What further test would you do? MRI and CSF Neonatal MG: Juvenile MG: Manifestation Dx eval Management Nursing Considerations: Week 4 (3/22) Mental Health Common Pediatric Psych Diagnoses Treating Depression & SSRI use from readings ADHD Medication Management – from readings Pediatric Surgery 2/22/18 Pediatric Oncology Morphologic Diagnosis Leukemia Hodgkin’s Disease Non-hodgkins lymphoma Wilms tumor Osteosarcoma Ewing Sarcoma Retinoblastoma Rhabdosarcoma Brain Tumors Cancer Treatment Post consolidation immunotherapy Radiation Bone Marrow Transplant Hyperleukocytosis Fever and Neutropenia Typhlitis Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Spinal Cord Compression Cancer Treatment Side effects Cardiotoxicity Pulmonary Complications Pulmonary Infections Neurotoxicity Guidelines for management of cancer survivors

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