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NR 630 Student Hourly Activities Log Week 1-7, Week 8{100%}

Instructions: Complete information for each week onto this form adding rows as needed for additional activities. See Practicum Guidelines in Course Resources for further details. Required Hours: Minimum of 100 hours. Up to 40% (40 hours) of student activities can consist of: 1. preparation for Management Activity Project; 2. research associated with the practicum experience or teaching project; 3. research requested by mentor, agency or faculty; 4. attendance at a professional meeting and any preparation for that meeting; 5. meeting with mentor and/or site orientation prior to course opening, and 6. other activities that directly relate to the site experience. All hours must be documented on Student Activity Log. Travel time to and from the practicum site and time spent working on practicum portfolio requirements cannot be included in the 100 hours. Documentation must demonstrate activities related to course outcomes, specialty competencies and the student’s learning agreement.Please document activities from this 40% of hours in the blue shaded areas each week. Due dates: submitted each week (weeks 1 – 7) by Sunday; completed and signed activities log due by Saturday of Week 8. Student and mentor must sign to verify completion of hours before final submission Saturday of week 8. Instructions: Enter date of activity, description of activity, and duration of activity. Enter as fractions of hours, such as “1.75” (1 hour 45 minutes). Record activities from the other 40% category in the shaded blue area.

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