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Exam (elaborations)

BUSN115 Week 4 Quiz With All Answers Correct And Verified Grade A 2020

BUSN115 Week 4 Quiz Question 1 5 pts (TCO 3) Which of the following is an example of a lifestyle business? A paper recycling unit that employs about 800 employees A self-employed landscape designer ( Nature’s Delights, an international gourmet food chain that is considered to be the world’s leading retailer of natural and organic foods Museum of Fine Arts, a government-funded museum that houses a collection of 19th and 20th century American, German, and French paintings Freedom Books, a film that is the leader in the English-language, book-publishing sector Question 2 5 pts (TCO 3) Which of the following is true regarding high-growth ventures? They are usually run by one individual rather than a team. They refer to businesses such as self-employed consultant, a corner florist, or a small e-commerce venture. They are mostly family businesses. They are built around the personal and financial needs of an individual. They expand rapidly by obtaining a sizable supply of investment capital. ( Question 3 5 pts (TCO 3) Small companies tend to differ from large ones because _____. they have a wider focus compared to larger companies they are mostly launched with more financial backing than larger companies they have less freedom to innovate and move quickly compared to larger companies they can react to market changes and make decisions more quickly than larger companies ( they are more bureaucratic compared to larger companies Question 4 5 pts (TCO 3) Five college graduates decide to open a laundry service company. They import six commercial washing machines from Italy to set up a factory. In this case, the commercial washing machines are best referred to as a(n) _____. capital item ( shopping product expense item convenience product specialty product Question 5 5 pts (TCO 3) The introductory stage will be followed by a _____ stage for a successful product. maturity research saturation growth ( infiltration Question 6 5 pts (TCO 3) An organization decides to use crowdsourcing in its new product development process. Crowdsourcing will be used during the _____ stage of product development. business analysis idea generation ( idea screening test marketing commercialization Question 7 5 pts (TCO 4) Consumer purchasing differs from organizational purchasing in that consumer purchasing _____. is influenced more by subconscious and emotional factors ( follows a formal buying process has greater complexity in product usage involves closer relationships between buyers and sellers has a greater emphasis on economic payback Question 8 5 pts (TCO 4) _____ involves selling more of your existing products into the markets you already serve. Product development Market development Diversification Market penetration ) Benchmarking Question 9 5 pts (TCO 4) Creating new goods and services for a firm’s current markets is called _____. Market penetration Product development Market development Diversification Pure play Question 10 5 pts (TCO 4) _____ refer(s) to intermediaries that sell products to other intermediaries for resale or to organizations for internal use. Retailers Wholesalers Department store Specialty store Convenience store Question 11 5 pts (TCO 4) Intermediaries that primarily sell goods and services to individuals for their personal use are called _____. drop shippers agents brokers distributors retailers Question 12 5 pts (TCO 4) Producers rely on a class of intermediaries called value-added resellers (VARs) to assist with which of the following functions? Transport the goods from the producer to the retail outlets Assist with advertising, in-store displays, and other promotional efforts Provide market information Divide bulk quantities into smaller packages Complete or customize solutions for customers Question 13 5 pts (TCO 4) The government agency that has the authority to impose penalties against advertisers who violate federal standards for truthful advertising is the _____. Federal Communications Commission Consumer Product Safety Commission Federal Trade Commission ( Federal Advertising Administration Federal Regulatory Commission Question 14 5 pts (TCO 4) In _____, behaviorally targeted ads follow users even as they move on to other websites. attack ads advocacy advertising cooperative advertising remarketing search engine marketing Question 15 5 pts (TCO 4) Advertising that seeks to create goodwill and to build a desired image for a company, rather than to promote specific products, is termed as _____. product advertising institutional advertising ( comparative advertising bait and switch advertising reminder advertising

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