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Summary mandatory articles 1ZV20

Summary for mandatory articles 1ZV20. Includes a summary of the following articles: • Jeff Bray: Consumer Behaviour Theory: Approaches and Models • Bloch, Peter H. and Marsha L. Richins (1983), “A theoretical model for the study of product importance perceptions,” Journal of Marketing, 47, 69-81. • Wikipedia: Mere Exposure Effect • Hoyer, MacInnis, and Pieters - Low effort choice • Peter and Olson - Means-end chain • Kardes, Cline, and Cronley - Heuristics • Wänke, Michaela, Gerd Bohner, and Andreas Jurkowitsch (1997), “There are many reasons to drive a BMW: Does imagined ease of argument generation influence attitudes?,” Journal of Consumer Research, 24, 170-177. • Hastie and Dawes - Prospect theory

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