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Summary Articles, Lectures & Knowledge clips Strategic Human Resource Management

Summary of all the articles, lectures & knowledge clips of Strategic Human Resource Management. Theme 1 - Black Box Debate - Knowledge clip - Lecture - Peccei, R. & van de Voorde, K. (2014). HRM and performance. In: Encyclopaedia of Human Resource Management. Guest, D. & Needle, D. (Eds). Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell - Jiang, K., Lepak, D., Hu, J. & Baer, J. (2012). How does human resource management influence organizational outcomes? A meta-analytic investigation of mediating mechanisms. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 1264–1294. - Liao, H., Toya, K., Lepak, D. P. & Hong, Y. (2009). Do they see eye to eye? Management and employee perspectives of high-performance work systems and influence processes on service quality. Journal of Applied Psychology, 94(2): 371-391. - Den Hartog, D. N., Boon, C., Verburg, R. M., & Croon, M. A. (2013). HRM, Communication, Satisfaction, and Perceived Performance: A Cross-Level Test. Journal of Management, 39(6): 1637–1665. Theme 2 - Contingency Perspective - Knowledge clip - Lecture - Wood, S. (1999). Human resource management and performance. International Journal of Management Reviews, 1: 367–413. Page 367- 378 and 408-409. - Tzabbar, D., Tzafrir, S., & Baruch, Y. (2017). A bridge over troubled water: Replication, integration and extension of the relationship between HRM practices and organizational performance using moderating meta-analysis. Human Resource Management Review, 27(1), 134-148. - Datta, D. K., Guthrie, J. P., & Wright, P. M. (2005). Human resource management and labor productivity: does industry matter? Academy of management Journal, 48 (1), 135-145. - Toh, S. M., Morgeson, F. P., & Campion, M. A. (2008). Human resource configurations: investigating fit with the organizational context. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(4): 864. Theme 3 - Dark-side Perspective - Knowledge clip - Lecture - van de Voorde, K., van Veldhoven, M., & Paauwe, J. (2012). Employee well-being and the HRM-organizational performance relationship: A review of quantitative studies. International Journal of Management Reviews, 14 (4): 391-407. - Ramsay, H., Scholarios, D. and Harley, B. (2000). Employees and High-Performance Work Systems: Testing inside the Black Box. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 38: 501–531. - van de Voorde, K., & Beijer, S. (2015). The role of employee HR employee attributions in the relationship between high performance work systems and employee attitudes. Human Resource Management Journal, 25 (1): 62-78. - Jensen, J. M., Patel, P. C., & Messersmith, J. G. (2013). High-Performance Work Systems and Job Control Consequences for Anxiety, Role Overload, and Turnover Intentions. Journal of Management, 39(6): 1699-1724. Theme 4 - Differential Workforce - Knowledge clip - Lecture - Lepak, D.P., & Snell, S.A. (1999). The Human resource architecture: toward a theory of human capital allocation and development. Academy of Management Review, 24, 31–48. - Huselid, M. A., & Becker, B. E. (2011). Bridging micro and macro domains: Workforce differentiation and strategic human resource management. Journal of Management, 37, 421- 428. - Lepak, D. P., Taylor, M. S., Tekleab, A. G., Marrone, J. A., & Cohen, D. J. (2007). An examination of the use of high‐investment human resource systems for core and support employees. Human Resource Management, 46(2), 223-246. - Schmidt, J. A., Pohler, D., & Willness, C. R. (2017). Strategic HR System Differentiation between Jobs: The Effects on Firm Performance and Employee Outcomes. Human Resource Management. Theme 5 - HR Devolution - Knowledge clip - Lecture - Caldwell, R. (2003). The changing roles of personnel managers: old ambiguities, new uncertainties. Journal of Management Studies, 40(4): 983-1004. - Sikora, D. M., & Ferris, G. R. (2014). Strategic human resource practice implementation: The critical role of line management. Human Resource Management Review, 24(3): 271-281. - Kulik, C. T., & Perry, E. L. (2008). When less is more: The effect of devolution on HR's strategic role and construed image. Human Resource Management, 47(3), 541-558. - Bos‐Nehles, A. C., Van Riemsdijk, M. J., & Kees Looise, J. (2013). Employee perceptions of line management performance: applying the AMO theory to explain the effectiveness of line managers' HRM implementation. Human resource management, 52(6): 861-877.

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