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Samenvatting tentamen 1 Communicatie, media en interactie

Samenvatting van de te lezen artikelen en aantekeningen van de colleges. De volgende artikelen zijn samengevat in dit document: - Clark, H. H., & Brennan, S. E. (1991). Grounding in communication. In: L. B. Resnick, J. Levine, & S. D. Teasley (Eds.), Perspectives on socially shared cognition. Washington, DC: APA. 127–149. - Daft, R. L. & Lengel, R. H. (1986). Organizational information requirements, media richness and structuraldesign. In: Management Science, 32(5), 554-571. - Dennis, A.R., Fuller, R.M., & Valacich, J.S. (2008). Media, tasks, and communication processed. A theory of media synchronicity. In: MIS Quarterly, 32(3). 575-600. - Sterk, E., Van den Hoven, P., Van Hintum, B. e.a. (te verschijnen), Reageren op een e-consult: de ontwikkeling en validering van een protocol voor de arts. Deelrapport 3D3P-project. - Erhardt, N. & J.L. Gibbs (2014), The dialectical nature of impression management in knowledge work: unpacking tensions in media use between managers and subordinates. In: Management Communication Quarterly, 28. 155-186. - Mennecke, B.E., Valacich, J.S., & Wheeler, B.C. (2000). The effects of media and tasks on user performance: A test of the media fit hypothesis. In: Group Decision and negotiation, 9. 507-529. - Sundar, S. S., & Limperos, A. M. (2013). Uses and Grats 2.0: New gratifications for new media. In: Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 57(4), 504-525. - Treem J.W. & P.M. Leonardi (2012), Exploring the affordances of visibility, editability, persistence, and association. In: Communication Yearbook, 36. 143-189. - Denstadli, J. M., Julsrud, T. E. & Hjorthol, R. J. (2012), Videoconferencing as a Mode of Communication: A Comparative Study of the Use of Videoconferencing and Face-to-Face Meetings. In: Journal of Technical and Business Communication, 26(1). 65-91. - George, J.F., Carlson, J.R. & Valacich (2013), Media selection as a strategic component of communication. In: MIS Quarterly 37(4). 1233-1251. - Jung, Y. & Lyytinen (2014), Towards an ecological account of media choice: a case study on pluralistic reasoning while choosing email. In: Info systems, 24. 271-293. - Rice, R.E. et al (2017), Organizational media affordances: operationalization and associations with media use. In: Journal of communication, 67 ( 1). 106–130. - Turner e.a. (2012), Exploring the dominant media: how does media use reflect organizational norms and affect performance? In: Journal of business communication 43(3). 220-250.

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