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BIOL 101 – A04 Quiz 1 with Answers Liberty University 2019/2020

Question 1 In traditional Western culture, one widely accepted source of truth was and another, more derived source of truth is. Question 2 Which of the following principles of life describes a fundamental requirement for the growth of an organism: Question 3 The vast diversity of living things, and their structural complexity are two reasons why Question 4 A source of information and a source of energy are required in order for an organism to Question 5 The addition of neutrons to an atom a"ects its _ but not its . Question 6 Prayer for a cardiac patient will reduce the severity of hospital intervention during the patient’s recovery. This statement Question 7 Compounds are made up of molecules that are a combination of two or more Question 8 Which of the following is a requirement for the growth of a living organism? Question 9 The best term to describe the electrons that are involved in a covalent bond is that they are Question 10 Which of the following is one of our “Principles of life” in this course? Question 11 A collection of di"erent populations forms a(n) Question 12 A sociologist uses the word “community” to refer to a collection of di"erent sorts of people; a biologist uses the same term to refer to a collection of di"erent Question 13 Electrons are arranged within spherical ___ arranged in concentric ___ in the structure of atoms. Question 14 Which of the following is not a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based? Question 15 Many evolutionists believe that Pakicetus, a terrestrial mammal, is the evolutionary ancestor of modern whales because Pakicetus fossils are found below whale fossils in the geologic column. This belief is an example of: Question 16 Virtually all monomer in cells are built into polymers by removing from one monomer and _____from the other monomer, and using these products to form____ Question 17 Which of the following statement about atoms is true? Question 18 A hypothesis is Question 19 The term “life” cannot be defined in a biological sense because Question 20 A skillful scientist can use a well-asked question to fashion a testable Question 21 A sleep deprived individual has antibody levels that are exactly 1/3 as high as those of a normal individual. This statement is an example of Question 22 Sodium ions are attracted to chloride ions because Question 23 Which of the following processes would come last or latest in a sequence of scientific activities? Question 24 A Brazilian student wondered why the leaves began changing colors on the trees in Virginia right around the time of Fall Break. This is an example of: Question 25 Your mouth, an alpine valley or a swamp are all examples of ecosystems. All ecosystems on the earth taken together are calledAnswer: the biosphere.

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