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Summary Media & Informatie all articles summarised - Radboud University, Communicatiewetenschap, Year 2

Summaries containing the most important points of all 22 articles that are needed for the Media & Informatie exam. Article 1: Bhatti: What would happen if we were better informed? Simulating increased knowledge in European parliament elections, Article 2: Dobelli: Avoid News – Towards a Healthy News Diet, Article 3: Shoemaker: Hardwired for news: using biological and cultural evolution to explain the surveillance function, Article 4: Ball-Rokeach: Media Systems Dependency Theory, Article 5: Sherry: Media effects theory and the nature/nurture debate: a historical overview and directions for future research, Article 6: Harcup & O’Neill: What is news? News values revisited (again), Article 7: Lang: The limited capacity model of mediated message processing, Article 8: van Cuilenburg: Aandacht, aandacht…over overvloed en tekort in de informatiesamenleving, Article 9: Vettehen & Kleemans: How camera changes and information induced affect the recognition of public service announcements: a test outside the lab, Article 10: Kleemans & Hendriks Vettehen: Sensationalism in television news: a review, Article 11: Iyengar , Peters, & Kinder: Experimental Demonstrations of the “not-so-minimal” consequences of television news programs, Article 12: van Gorp: The constructionist approach to framing: bringing culture back in, Article 13: van Gorp & van der Goot: Van Frankenstein tot Goede Moeder: de inzet van frames in de strategische communicatie over duurzaamheid, Article 14: Kahneman: Ons feilbare denken, Article 15: Betsch .: The Influence of narrative vs. statistical information on perceiving vaccination risks, Article 16: O’Keefe: Elaboration Likelihood Model, Article 17: Feldman et. al: The mutual reinforcement of media selectivity and effects: testing the reinforcing spirals framework in the context of global warming, Article 18: Grabe et. al: Cognitive access to negatively arousing news: an experimental investigation of the knowledge gap, Article 19: Shrum: Media consumption and perceptions of social reality: effects and underlying processes, Article 20: Strömbäck & Esser: Mediatization of politics: towards a theoretical framework, Article 21: van Deursen & van Dijk: The digital divide shifts to differences in usage, Article 22: Jerit, Barabas, & Bolsen: Citizens, knowledge, and the information environment

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