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Literature summary

This summary includes the following articles for the course 1ZM16: Cooper, R.G. (2008). The Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch process: Update, what’s new, and NexGen systems. Journal of Product Innovation Management 25(3):213-232. Cooper, R. G., & Sommer, A. F. (2016). The Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrid Model: A Promising New Approach and a New Research Opportunity: The Agile-Stage Gate Hybrid Model. Journal of Product Innovation Management 33(5):513-526. Evanschitzky, H., Eisend, M., Calantone, R.J. and Jiang, Y. (2012). Success factors of product innovation: An updated meta-analysis. Journal of Product Innovation Management 29(S1):21–37. Storey, C., Cankurtaran, P., Papastathopoulou, P., & Hultink, E. J. (2016). Success Factors for Service Innovation: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Product Innovation Management 33(5):527-548. Khurana, A. and Rosenthal, S.R. (1998). Towards holistic "front ends" in new product development. Journal of Product Innovation Management 15(1):57-74. Girotra, K., Terwiesch, C., and Ulrich, K. T. (2010): Idea Generation and the Quality of the Best Idea. Management Science 56(4):591-605. Eling, K. and Herstatt, C. (2017). Managing the Front End of Innovation – Less Fuzzy, Yet Still Not Fully Understood. Journal of Product Innovation Management 34(6):864-874. Griffin, A. and Page, A.L. (1996). PDMA Success measurement project: Recommended measures for product development success and failure. Journal of Product Innovation Management13(6):478–496. Im, S., Montoya, M.M. and Workman Jr., J.P. (2012). Antecedents and consequences of creativity in product innovation teams. Journal of Product Innovation Management 30(1), 170–185. Sethi, R., Iqbal, A. Sethi, A. (2012). ‘Developing New-to-the-Firm Products. The Role of Micropolitical Strategies’, Journal of Marketing 76 (March): 99-115 Kester, L., Hultink, E.J. and Griffin, A. (2014). An Empirical Investigation of the Antecedents and Outcomes of NPD Portfolio Success. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31(6): 1199-1213. Meifort, A. (2015). Innovation Portfolio Management: A Synthesis and Research Agenda. Creativity and Innovation Management. 25(2):251-269. Cankurtaran, P., Langerak, F. and Griffin, A. (2013). Consequences of new product development speed: A meta-analysis. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(3): 465-486. Griffin, A., Langerak, F. and Eling K. (2019). The evolution, status, and research agenda for the future of research in NPD cycle time. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 36(2): 263-280. Hultink, E.J., Hart, S., Robben, H.S.J. and Griffin A. (2000). Launch decisions and new product success: An empirical comparison of consumer and industrial products. Journal of Product Innovation Management 17(1): 5-23. Kuester, S., Homburg, C. and T.S. Robertson (1999). Retaliatory behavior to new product entry. Journal of Marketing63(4): 90-106. Sharma, A., Saboo, A. R., and Kumar, V. (2018). 'Investigating the Influence of Characteristics of the New Product Introduction Process on Firm Value: The Case of the Pharmaceutical Industry'. Journal of Marketing, 82, 66–85.

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