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Summary articles Strategy and Nonmarket Environment

Contains all summaries of the course strategy and nonmarket environment of the Master Strategic Management. Contains: Dunning, J.H. (1980). ‘Toward an eclectic theory of international production: Some empirical tests’ Johanson, J. and Vahlne, J.-E. (1977). ‘The internationalization process of the firm—A model of knowledge management development and increasing foreign market commitments’, Oviatt, B.M. and McDougall, P.P. (1994). ‘Towards a Theory of International New Ventures’ Harzing, A.-W. (2000). ‘An empirical analysis and extension of the Bartlett and Ghoshal typology of multinational companies’ Brouthers, K.D. (2002). ‘Institutional, cultural and transaction cost influences on entry mode choice and performance’ Pan, Y. and Tse, D. K. (2000). ‘The hierarchical model of market entry modes’ Westney, D. E. and Zaheer, S. (2001). ‘The multinational as an organization’, Khanna, T. (2000). ‘Business groups and social welfare in emerging markets: Existing evidence and unanswered questions’ Besiou, M., Hunter, M.L. & Van Wassenhove, L.N. (2013). A web of watchdogs: stakeholder media networks and agenda-setting in response to corporate initiatives Aldrich, H.E. and Fiol, C.M. (1994). ‘Fools Rush in? The Institutional Context of Industry Creation’ Wartick, S.L. & Cochran, P.L. (1985). The evolution of the corporate social performance model, Lux, S., Crook, T.R. & Woehr, D.J. (2011). Mixing business with politics: a meta-analysis of the antecedents and outcomes of corporate political activity

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Strategy and Nonmarket Environment

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