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Basic Genetics for Science Majors (handwritten)

Thorough 117 page summary of "Genetics Essentials: Concepts and Connections" by Benjamin A. Pierce. Includes drawings, examples and color coded. Chapter 1: Intro to Genetics Chapter 2: Chromosomes and Cellular Reproduction Chapter 3: Basic Principles of Heredity Chapter 4: Extensions and Modifications of Basic Principles Chapter 5: Linkage, Recombination and Eukaryotic Gene Mapping Chapter 6: Chromosome Variation Chapter 7: Bacterial and Viral Genetic Systems Chapter 8: DNA- The Chemical Nature of the Gene Chapter 9: Dina- Replication and Recombination Chapter 10: From DNA to Proteins- Transcription and RNA Processing Chapter 11: From DNA to Proteins- Translation Chapter 12: Control of Gene Expression Chapter 13: Gene Mutations, Transposable Elements and DNA Repair Chapter 16: Cancer Genetics Chapter 17: Quantitative Genetics Chapter 18: Population and Evolutionary Genetics

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