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Summary AQA PSYCHOLOGY 2019 Schizophrenia (Year 2)- Revision notes

AQA A level Psychology notes - Year 2, Schizophrenia. I am currently in my second year of the A-level course, with my exams in May. I have wrote/used these notes throughout the course and have consistently got A*s. I have used my teachers powerpoints (who has been an examiner for the course for 10 years ) which are based off the AQA Psychology for A level textbook written by Cara Flanagan and Dave Berry. All of the A01 is from this textbook, however for some of the A03 (Evaluation) my teacher uses a mix of predominantly this textbook but also some info from other textbooks too - but this is only when she finds evaluative points that are easier to understand/remember, so is not very often. I find her powerpoints a lot easier to understand as opposed to the textbook hence i decided to make my own revision notes using her power points instead of the textbook.

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