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unit 43 assignment 2 btec science level 3 year 2

This assignment in quite long therefore the price i also added this assignment along with the others from unit 43 in a bundle for a much cheaper price. This includes: P3, P4, M3, M4, D3, D4 Questions and tasks: Task 1 Cholera Part A i, You are interested to show the board of the charity some graphic evidence about how easily one of your diseases can spread. Carry out the experiment to investigate the oral fecal rout of disease transmission and write this up. Photos of the result make a useful evidence. In your conclusion/discussion describe what the experiment shows about how cholera spreads. -Experiment investigation about oral fecal route of disease transmission write up. II, How does cholera affect a person who contracts it. Part B For the cholera outbreak in Haiti (or a modern cholera outbreak agreed by your teacher) explain how the outbreak was i, spread to the community ii, spread amongst that community. iii, discuss how this happened and the effect it had on the local community. Part C i, Explain the following; 1. How John Snow showed how cholera was spread by tracking its Occurrence. 2. How is cholera spread tracked now including maths and computer modelling? 3. Compare and contrast the the old and new methods. 4. How new ecological perspectives have added to our knowledge on cholera outbreaks. ii, Consider the ways that the impact of cholera can be assessed on communities and nations that suffer it. Task 2 Sleeping sickness Part B Answer the questions indicated on the “African Illness: A Case of Parasites?” case study page 1 and 2. As you know there are 2 types of sleeping sickness parasites. Explain the importance of animal hosts for each one. Remember there are wild animal hosts as well as domestic Animals. Part C The incidence of sleeping sickness reduced during the middle of the last century but then increased again towards the end. It is now decreasing again. Explain what brought about reduction and then the increased spread and then the modern reduction. Part D In your own words, describe the signs and symptoms of African sleeping sickness. describe what the individual suffers and what the person's family would go through. M describe what it would mean for the community if there were a significant number of people infected and for D the measures that would need to be put in place to reduce the bounder of the disease. Task 3 HIV i, Discuss the possible reasons why the spread of HIV was greater in some places than others. ii, Discuss the effect upon a community of the outbreak of HIV. Explain why travel restrictions were imposed in a chosen country and what effect this may have on the community. i, Part C Consider the effect of the disease on the country both in human terms, (deaths, debilitation, loss of production) and also in financial terms (loss of trade, loss of tourism, impact on GDP etc.). There is also a power point part of the assignment which i could not add but can be found in bundle from the next link: or by the title from my stuvia profile: unit 43 assignment 2 btec science level 3 year 2 Power point *Harvard referencing for each question* i have all assignments from level 2, 3, 3.2 available as well as a bundle of all assignments of the levels, if there is any missing dont doubt on sending me a message, share with you're friends and thanks for visiting me!! (THIS WILL SHOW UP IN THE MARK BOOK AS PLAGIARISM AND YOU WILL GET EXCLUDED OUT THE COURSE) THIS WORK IS MEANT TO BE AS A REFERENCE OR GUIDANCE FOR YOU'RE WORK PLEASE RESPECT MY WORK AND MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ME CREDIT OR PUT IT IN YOU'RE OWN WORDS Thanks

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