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Summary - Genetics, reproduction and prenata

This summary contains all the cases and lectures of BBS-1005: Genetics, reproduction and prenata. The summary contains a lot of detail, clear explanations, nice pictures and schemes. The following topics are covered: Gametogenesis, meiosis, DNA, RNA, mutations, gamete quality, DNA repair mechanisms, embryonic development, fertilization, implantation, cleavage, embryonic stem cells, IVF, PDG, Gene regulation, transcriptional control, post-translational modifications, Drosophila, Segmentation, twins, cell cycle, checkpoints, CDK, cyclin, apoptosis, nutrients, epigenetics, progeria, LMNAs, gastrulation, mesoderm differentiation, neurulation, somites, HOX genes, Wnt pathway, Gut development, limb development, sex differentiation, sexual differentiation disorders, heart development, TOF The summary is perfect to use as preparation for the exam.

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