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Summary Alkenes and Alkynes

I got a 1st in my first year studying chemistry at the University of Birmingham using these revision notes that I have uploaded. They include detail on the structure and bonding of alkenes, consequences of the pi bond, E- and Z- isomers, stability of alkenes, bonding and geometry of alkynes, acidity of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes, elimination (making alkenes from alkyl halides), the Wittig Reaction, synthesis of alkenes from alkynes, dissolving metal reduction, synthesis of alkynes from different alkynes, addition of hydrogen halides, bromination of alkenes, stereochemical implications of a cyclic bromonium ion, general mechanism for halogen-containing species reacting with alkenes, bromohydrin formation, hydroboration, unsymmetrical alkenes, oxidation of organoboranes, ozonolysis, epoxidation, adding hydrogen halides and similar reagents to alkynes, vinylic carbocation stability, mercury-catalysed hydration, hydroboration of alkynes and organoboranes, acidity of alkynes and alkylation of acetylide anions. These summary notes also include worked examples as revision practice.

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