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Summary of 21 articles for Marketing & Innovation (1ZM11)

This paper summarizes all 21 articles for the course Marketing & Innovation (1ZM11) for the Master Innovation Management at University of Technology Eindhoven in the year 2017-2018. It covers the following articles: 1. Arts, J. W., Frambach, R. T., & Bijmolt, T. H. (2011). Generalizations on consumer innovation adoption: a meta-analysis on drivers of intention and behavior. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28(2), 134-144. 2. Chang, W., & Taylor, S. A. (2016). The effectiveness of customer participation in new product development: a meta-analysis. Journal of Marketing, 80(1), 47-64. 3. Coviello, N. E., & Joseph, R. M. (2012). Creating major innovations with customers: insights from small and young technology firms. Journal of Marketing, 76(6), 87-104. 4. Gourville, John T. (2006), “Eager Sellers, Stony Buyers: Understanding the Psychology of New-Product Adoption”, Harvard Business Review, June, 99-106. 5. Guiltinan, Joseph P. (1999) Launch strategy, launch tactics, and demand outcomes, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 16, 509-529. 6. Gupta, S., and Zeithaml, V. (2006). Customer Metrics and Their Impact on Financial Performance. Marketing Science, 25(6), 718-739. 7. Herhausen D., (2016) Unfolding the ambidextrous effects of proactive and responsive market orientation, Journal of Business Research, 69 (2016) 2585–2593. 8. Hippel, E. von, A., Ogawa, S., & PJ de Jong, J. (2011). The age of the consumer innovator. MIT. 9. Lee, Y., & O'Connor, G. C. (2003). “New product launch strategy for network effects products.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 31(3), 241-255. 10. Luca, Luigi M. De, and Kwaku Atuahene-Gima. (2007), "Market knowledge dimensions and cross-functional collaboration: examining the different routes to product innovation performance." Journal of Marketing 71(1), 95-112. 11. Hillebrand, B., Nijholt, J., and E.J. Nijssen (2011). Exploring CRM Effectiveness: An Institutional Theory Perspective, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 39 (4): 592– 608. 12. Rosa, J. A., & Spanjol, J. (2005). Micro-level product-market dynamics: shared knowledge and its relationship to market development. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 33(2), 197-216. 13. Rust, Roland T., Katherine N. Lemon, and Valarie A Zeithaml (2004), “Return on Marketing: Using Customer Equity to Focus Marketing Strategy”, Journal of Marketing, 68 (January), 109-127. 14. Schuhmacher, M.C., S. Kuester, and E. J. Hultink (2017). Appetizer or Main Course: Market vs. Majority Market Go-to-Market Strategies for Radical Innovations. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 35(1): 106-124. 15. Slater, Stanley F., and John C. Narver (1998). "Research notes and communications customerled and market-oriented: Let’s not confuse the two." Strategic Management Journal, 19(10), 1001 1006. 16. Tripsas, M., & Gavetti, G. (2000). Capabilities, cognition, and inertia: Evidence from digital imaging. Strategic Management Journal, 21(10-11), 1147-1161. 17. Verhoef, Peter C. and Peter S. Leeflang (2009), “Understanding the Marketing Department’s Influence Within the Firm”, Journal of Marketing, 73 (March), 14-37. 18. Völckner, Franziska and Henrik Sattler (2006), “Drivers of Brand Extension Success”, Journal of Marketing, 70 (April), 18-34. 19. de Vries, L, Gensler, S. and Leeflang, P.S.H. (2017) Effects of Traditional Advertising and Social Messages on Brand-Building Metrics and Customer Acquisition. Journal of Marketing, 81 (September) 5, 1-15. 20. Wedel, M., and Kannan, P. K. (2016). Marketing Analytics for Data-Rich Environments. Journal of Marketing, 80 (November), 97-121. 21. Woodruff, Robert B. (1997), “Customer Value: The Next Source for Competitive Advantage”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 25 (2), 139-153.

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A very extensive summary of all relevant literature, a table of contents and some feedback to the lecture slides made it perfect.

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